Too Busy

Do you ever feel just way too busy to function? That’s how our weekdays are. With Piglet doing kempo, we have even less free time than we did before. I feel like we are in constant motion, and I just don’t have the down time I used to.

I wish I had a cleaning service, because my OCD hates how cluttered and messy our home becomes during the week, but there is just no time! When Match gets journeyman, I probably will get a cleaning person.

Monday was President’s day and I was able to get caught up on laundry, groceries and chores. Sometimes I really miss the stay at home life, but I do love my job, and I’m so grateful for my husband’s help. He cooks, cleans and does everything I do. I can’t tell you how good it is to have an equal partner. Otherwise I’m pretty sure i would go crazy!


Spontaneous Snow and Daydreaming of Camping

I can’t believe it snowed today! We’ve had such weird weather. A couple weeks ago the sun was shining and it felt like spring was here. We had some light snow on Sunday, and Piglet and I made the tiniest little snow family you ever saw.

While I do love the snow, I am already daydreaming of spring, camping, and all things outdoors. This year we’ve booked quite a few days already. Our first is in March, where we’re going to be yurt camping on the coast! We’ve never camped in a yurt before. It should be a fun experience. Piglet is at this great age where he’s so excited for all things outdoors and adventures.

Match’s 34th Birthday, OMSI, Valentine’s Day, & The Black Belt Monkey

We celebrated Match’s 34th birthday on the 3rd in a very 34th year sort of way. We had a mellow dinner with close friends, followed by watching our respective kiddos play in our living room. We topped the evening off with a toast over a nice scotch on the rocks.

We went to OMSI for the first time as a family. We went with Match’s sister and her little family. Piglet had a great time exploring! I had a great time snuggling with our baby niece.

Valentine’s Day was all for Piglet. Match and I have never been into the holiday, but we love watching Piglet get so excited. Piglet and I decorated the house with hearts, and he got to pass out valentines for all of his friends.

The best part of Valentine’s actually happened at his Kempo Dojo. Master Ralph got all the pee wees goodie bags, complete with black belt monkeys! Piglet was beyond excited.


The Generosity of Friends and a Dream Come True

So some of my long time readers may remember my good friends, Old Married Couple. They are about to have a baby (which I’m so over the moon excited about)!

Every year they go on a trip to Mexico, but this year they aren’t able to go on their pre-booked trip because the baby is coming. They offered up their trip for a discounted price to all of their friends on Facebook, and I messaged them, oh, I wish we could do something like that, but we don’t have anyone to watch Piglet. Then Old Married Couple made some phone calls, and long story short, the Match Family is going on vacation to an incredible all-inclusive resort to The Hardrock Puerto Vallarta in Mexico!!

Old Married Guy sent me the final confirmation info today, and I couldn’t help but get teary eyed when I looked at the totals. They paid for more than half of the trip, and asked for so little from us. I kept asking if we could give them more but they insisted. They’ve known that Match and I have always wanted to go on a vacation like this, since they first told us of their resort experiences back when we were first dating. We had planned to go for our honeymoon, but when Match was accepted to the police academy right before our wedding, our plans fell through. So in a way, this is our long awaited honeymoon. There will be a kid’s club for Piglet, so Match and I will still get quality couple time.

The trip is in April, and we are on a mission to get into the best shapes of our lives. We were already kicking off the New Year with some healthy habits, but this has become a huge motivator. I want to feel confident in bikinis, and not cringe when I look at the photos.

You guys, this is also the first time I’ve vacationed out of the country and the first time we’ve vacationed for this long. It’s almost a week! Ahhh, I’m so excited I can’t even think straight. I need to give Old Married Couple a gift, I need to figure out a way to express our gratitude. We did recently give them a ton of Piglet’s old baby stuff, and I know they appreciate it, but it doesn’t feel like enough. I’d love some suggestions from my readers.

Have any of you vacationed at an all-inclusive resort before? I.cannot.wait!!

How to Afford Your Home Improvement Ideas

If you love your home (and if you don’t, why not?!), then your mind is probably full of ideas for how you can make it the best space possible. Of course, it’s not your motivation that’s holding you back from getting your projects underway: it’s the financial aspect. It’s a fact of life that it takes two things to make a home perfect: time and money. Time, you have. Money? That’s harder to come by. But even if you’re not swimming in cash right now, that doesn’t mean that you can’t start your home improvement journey. Below, we take a look at a few ways in which you can take money matters out of the equation.


Moving Slow


Now, if you’re even thinking of home improvement projects, then it’s likely that you have a source of income (or perhaps two, if both adults in the household are working). So you do have money: you just might not have as much as you’d like to transform your house. But to that, we say, what’s the rush? Perfection comes in time; it doesn’t happen overnight. If you have only limited amounts of cash to play with each month, then make slow and steady additions to your home. It might take longer than you’d like, but you’ll get there eventually.


Small Hacks


If the basic framework of your home is already modern and stylish, then it’s possible that you don’t need a complete overhaul. Instead, all that’s needed is a few small additions that’ll improve the overall look and feel of each room. And luckily, these projects can cost next to no money! Take a look, for instance, at Ikea hacks. You can buy second hand Ikea furniture, spend an afternoon with a paintbrush in your hand, switch out the handles, and you’ll have furniture that looks like it was purchased from some trendy vintage store.


The Bigger Projects


Of course, that’ll only work if you’re already basically happy with the layout and design of your home. If you’re not, then bigger work will be necessary, and that will require more money. But here’s the thing: people usually have access to more money than they realise. If you need to raise money, you can consider selling your unused, second-hand goods; getting an online loan; or borrowing money from friends and family. All of these options will enable you to start making the type of alterations that’ll make your home perfect.




Finally, don’t forget that you have a pretty useful tool at your disposal: your mind! If you learn the basics of DIY – which only takes a small amount of time – then you can severely reduce your home improvement expenses. While you’ll likely need to employ the experts for some aspects of your projects, much money will be saved – and much joy gained – from doing some of the work yourself.


While it’s important to consider the money aspects of your home, you shouldn’t let your finances stop you from having the home of your dreams.