Hi I’m Date Girl aka Mrs. Match, and this is the diary of my life. It’s about my crazy partying past, how I met the love of my life Match, and now our life together as a family of three. When I first started writing this blog I hoped to find the one, and now I have! It’s amazing to see the evolution of this blog. I can look back and watch how I went from single, to a girlfriend, to a wife, mother and career woman.

I use nicknames for everyone because I would like to stay anonymous. Blogging anonymously allows me to write exactly how I feel, without worrying about censoring myself, and this blog can literally be my diary.  I get compensated for certain posts on my blog.  These help pay the bills but in no means take away from the integrity of my blog.

Feel free to comment often, my self esteem is directly linked to the number of comments I receive. 😉 You can also email me at dategirldiaries {at}gmail {dot}com if you want to chat. I love emails!

Wedding Dresses

Here are the first few posts about my now husband Match, from how we met and fell in love. Warning-these are incredibly sappy!!