Confessions of a Zumba Addict

I don’t know if I mentioned this, but I’ve become a bit of  a gym rat. I’ve become a regular. At my gym, we tell the front desk person our gym number. You know you’re a regular when the front desk clerk rattles off your number by memory! That just happened to me today and it felt pretty good.

Match and I have been members since 2012, but I’ve been going a lot more since Piglet became old enough to attend the daycare (he LOVES it!). Now that he’s down to one mid-day nap, we have a regular gym routine, and we go almost every day. I’m addicted to the classes, but especially Zumba. If any of you out there are considering Zumba but haven’t tried it,! It is amazing! Me, the girl with two left feet, loves to dance, in public. I know, it’s weird right? But the songs, the moves, I love everything about it. Oh, and I sweat my love handles off!

Now Im addicted

I love how friendly all the ladies are in my class. Yesterday I even met a brave man who dared to come into the hen house. He was actually a fantastic dancer, and didn’t seem phased at all by all the ladies clucking. The more I go to class, the better I get at the dance moves. Zumba is helping my coordination a lot, and I think just memorizing the steps is probably good for the ol’ think tank. I have this embarrassing habit of singing along to every single song, even though I don’t know the words. Apparently I’m not the only one!



I love finding a hobby that keeps me healthy and gives me that much needed endorphin boost. I also love that Piglet is such a big fan of the daycare. He struts into the room with his little ticket in hand, and then runs off to play. He used to sniffle and hold onto my leg, and now he’s off making friends and being Mr. Social. This past week he had a fever and wasn’t quite feeling his normal self, so I kept him home just in case he was contagious. I think it was all teething related, because he had no other symptoms, and just kept moaning and pointing to his mouth. Poor baby! I could tell he missed the daycare because he sprinted off to go play the minute we walked in.




So there you have it. Now you know what I’m up to when I’m not blogging. I’m out there at the gym, sweating buckets while I wiggle my body to kickass music and love every second of it! Oh, and I’m probably also singing along and about a step behind everyone else. But who cares?