Breaking Out Like a Teenager

“I HAVE DONE NOTHING TO BE FORGIVEN FOR! I was a fantastic wife! When he was sick, I nursed him. When we were low on money, I stayed within a budget. I cooked his meals. I mended his clothes. For the love of god, I used to check his back for acne. And that miserable son of a bitch has the nerve to understand and forgive me? Well, the joke’s on him, because I do not understand, and I do not forgive.” -Bree, Desperate Housewives

I’m taking my New Year’s resolution seriously and I’ve been hitting the gym with a new found motivation. Maybe it’s how good I feel after I work out, or more likely it’s this pretty shiny thing on my left hand. Match did an imitation of me running with my hand outstretched and a ridiculous smile on my face that was sadly pretty much dead on!

So what has my reward been from all of this extra fitness and taking care of myself? Bacne. That’s right folk-my body has decided to reward me with lovely zits all over my chest and back. WHY?! It’s just cruel. I’m hoping it will level out once my body gets used to the new routine and I don’t have to resort to going on acne pills in my later twenties. I can only hope that it’s just a phase. Otherwise I’m going to have to start shopping for a dress like this:

Anyone else out there experiencing this issue when they started up a workout routine? Any advice?

My True Gym Buddy

Berg: Ashley, what are you doing here?
Ashley: Well, it’s a women’s gym, so obviously I was in the back having a pillow fight in my panties. –Two Guys, A Girl, and a Pizza Place

I’ve been really enjoying hanging out with Outdoor Girl. I’ve wanted a gym buddy or girl friend I can be active with, and she definitely is. We have been IMG00070going on weekly walks, and now she’s started going to the gym with me. It’s great to have a friend to motivate me when I don’t feel like working out.
Sunday we got together for our weekly walk, and then she helped me dye my hair. I went a shade darker than last time. What do you think? Don’t mind the fact that it’s a complete mess today. Just look at the color!  I love how they put so many vitamins for hair in the dyes now. My hair feels all soft and smooth. I was glad she was there to help me with it, because I am seriously clumsy and girl challenged. I would have gotten hair dye all over my face, I just know it!

We’re going to the gym again tonight, and I’m hoping to get on a regular workout schedule. Match is good about going with me, but it’s nice to have someone that does all of the same exercises as me. Match goes off and does his weights, but I need a cardio buddy! Plus the time flies when you work out with a friend. I love that Outdoor Girl actually works hard when we work out too, unlike Drama Chick who would want to do 20 minutes of easy bike pedaling and then call it a day! What about you all? Do you prefer to work out with a buddy or solo?