Couples Costumes and Body Issues

Lily: Guess what came in the mail today?
Marshall: Our costumes? Do they rule?
Lily: They rule. And yours is 100% wool so you won’t get hypothermia like last year.
Marshall: [deep voice] Tarzan nipple blue. –How I Met Your Mother

So I wrote awhile back that Match and I are dressing up in Couples Costumes for Halloween this year. I have been so excited about this-it is officially the first year I’ve gotten to wear a couple costume, ever. I think it’s kind of fitting-I’m finally in a real relationship, and now I’m getting to do all of these real couply things. Last night Match and I picked out pumpkins at the Pumpkin Patch, and we braved the corn maze. I’d never been in a corn maze before, and I of course thought it would just be soooo easy. I thought we’d be through it in 15 minutes, tops.

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