Weekend Update

Barney: Open your brain tank bro, cuz here comes some premium 91 octane knowledge. There’s three rules of cheating: 1. It’s not cheating if you’re not the one who’s married. 2. It’s not cheating if her name has two adjacent vowels. 3. And it’s not cheating if she’s from a different area code. You’re fine on all three counts.
Ted: How do you know she’s from a different area code?
Barney: She’s 516. She might dress like she’s 718 and act like she’s 212, but trust me she’s 516. Oh, and her husband letting her out alone on St. Patty’s Day? If that dude’s not 973, I’m 307…Wyoming. –How I Met Your Mother

I know I was supposed to post a rewind weekend, but I’m getting ready to clean the house for a party we’re having tonight and I don’t have time to delve into the dramas of my high school years. I’ll try to get to it tomorrow, but if I can’t, next weekend teenage Date Girl, acne products, and late 90s music will return. Today I just wanted to quickly catch you all up on what’s been going on with me this past week. Continue reading Weekend Update

Finally Some Good News

Lane: So, what’s going on in the world?
Lorelai: Nothing…
Lane: Nothing?
Lorelai: Good. Nothing good. There’s absolutely nothing positive going on anywhere in the world. How could that be?
Lane: That’s why I don’t read the paper anymore.
Lorelai: You will mine. I am starting my own. The Good News Daily — nothing but good news every day.
Lane: Sounds good.
Lorelai: “No civil war in Canada” — big article. “Cars drive down road without incident” — front-page news. “Puppies — how cute are they?” In-depth exposé. And the subscription is free. How happy is that?
Lane: I’m in a better mood. –Gilmore Girls

This week has definitely taken a turn for the better. After a horrible Monday and Tuesday, Wednesday really cheered me up. First, the Law office called and said I wouldn’t need to come to trial after all. I did the happy dance all around my desk. Then, the insurance company of the woman who side swiped called and accepted full responsibility for the accident! Continue reading Finally Some Good News