Top Mementos to Keep From Your Wedding Day

It’s been over five years now since our wedding day. It was an incredible day that I’ll never forget, and I still love looking back on it in any way I can. I wrote lots of blog posts in the run-up and aftermath of the wedding. But apart from those, I have a number of other keepsakes tucked away to reminisce over. I’ll always have the memories in my head. But I think it’s important to have some objects to prompt those memories. Sometimes something triggers a memory you had almost forgotten, and you’re reminded again. If you’re about to get married, here are some of the things I recommend you keep.

Some Stationery

Do you have a stationary obsession? I’m not ashamed to admit I like a pretty note paper or a good pen! Planning my wedding stationery was fun, especially because it was some of the first choices I made. I recommend ordering a couple of extra invites for yourself. Fill it out to yourself for a bit of fun! If you buy wedding invites by Paper Themes, you can get some free samples first and customize your invitations. There are other items you can put away too. They range from save-the-date cards to place setting cards and wedding day programs. Stationery should last forever if you keep it somewhere dry and safe.

Wedding Smells

Did you know your sense of smell is strongly linked to your memory? I bet you have a scent or two that takes you right back to your childhood. If you can take something yummy smelling away from your wedding day, you’ll be able to send yourself right back there whenever you want. Maybe you had a special wedding fragrance made, either for yourself or the venue. You can keep a bottle of it and take a whiff whenever you want. Or you might press and dry a flower from your bouquet to smell.


This one’s a no-brainer! You have to have some lovely photos from the day that you can frame or keep in an album to look at when you want. I recommend having a mix of professional photos and some from your friends and family. Don’t let your guests spend all day snapping, but make sure they each get a shot or two. They often manage to catch a magical moment that the photographer misses.


Whatever you use to decorate your venue, keeping a couple of little items will give you something to remember the day. You might take a flower, a candle, a paper lantern, or something else you love from the day. Another decoration you should definitely put away somewhere is the cake topper. If you have one, make sure you grab it at the end of the day.

You can do lots of things with your wedding mementos. Put them in a box, frame them or even create some art.

Why I Love Destination Weddings (And You Should, Too!)

Match and I had a pretty traditional wedding. It was beautiful and I loved every moment of it. But more and more often I see people traveling abroad for destination weddings and can’t help but think how incredible it sounds. Considering we didn’t get to have a honeymoon and we haven’t done much traveling, sometimes I wish we had opted for something non-traditional like a destination wedding dress. My sister-in-law had a destination wedding, and she said they couldn’t have been happier with their choice. With destination weddings taking off, I decided to look into the best reasons why you should consider one.


They can save you money

A lot of the time, destination weddings can end up costing less than you think they will. In fact, I had a friend who slashed her wedding budget in half simply by moving it abroad. Things like food, drink and venue hire can be less pricey than your hometown. (Depending on where you are from and where you are going, of course.) Many destination wedding locations organize all-inclusive prices. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about all the little extras which can sting your bank account.


You can choose a beautiful location

When choosing a destination wedding, the world is your oyster. You can pick anywhere that appeals to you. Perhaps that is a sunny beach in the Caribbean or a snowy mountain in the Alps. Whatever your preferences, you can make sure your wedding is in a gorgeous location.  Think of the photographs. You, your partner and a stunning backdrop will create memories that last a lifetime.


3656580281_43aaeca184_oPhoto by Lunss


Easy to organize

Many people assume that destination weddings are difficult to organize, but they needn’t be. Many destination weddings offer great packages so they take care of a lot of it for you. Or if you want to plan something extra special, you can find destination wedding planners who will take care of everything for you. They will make sure your wedding is exactly to your specifications by chatting with local businesses and venues. This is even better if you are getting married in a location where the language is different to your first language. There won’t be any language barriers and nothing will get lost in translation.


Ready-made excuse to cut back on guests

If you can already see your guest list spiraling out of control, hosting a destination wedding is a great way to cut back. You have the perfect excuse for keeping it small. You can justify your choice by saying that you don’t want too many people to have to go to a great expense to travel just for your wedding. Just make sure you don’t guilt trip people who cannot afford to attend. After all, it’s YOUR choice to have a destination wedding, and you have to understand that not everyone can afford to travel.


It will be the most memorable wedding for your guests

Most people remember very little from weddings they go to. Sure, they think back and remember that they had fun and it was a nice day, but how much detail do they really retain? With a destination wedding you will find that guests will remember every detail. Like how gorgeous you looked in this stunning location. How beautiful the hotel they stayed in. And how much fun they had!


All Our Friends Are Married Off

A wedding not wasted on two people who don’t appreciate weddings. -Izzie, Grey’s Anatomy

It’s crazy thinking back to last year and the year before. It felt like all we did for two years was attend weddings. It’s sort of weird to think that we won’t be going to any weddings in the foreseeable future. Almost all of our close friends are married off. Now we’re going to baby showers and birthday parties, but no more weddings. I’m a little bit nostalgic because weddings are so much fun. I love how I fall in love with my husband all over again every time we go to a wedding and watch a couple promise their lives to each other. It’s a beautiful thing.

It’s funny to see how weddings vary so greatly from one to another. From small get together to big huge events. Some with engagement and wedding bands with sparkling Moissanite to simple bands. I’m relieved that we don’t have back to back weddings this year, but I wouldn’t mind just one per year. An excuse to wear a fancy dress, and to dance the night away with my love. Sounds like a good time to me!

Butterflies About Seeing Friends Again

We are heading to a wedding this weekend, and I have nervous butterflies over it. It will be the first time I’ve seen any of our friends in “The Group” since we lost Roo. We’ve been growing apart from some of them for awhile. They’re just not in the same place as we are. A lot of them love to party it up and drink every weekend, while Match and I prefer mellow nights at home. They’re not looking to move forward and grow up, while Match and I can’t wait to start a family.

I’m worried about how I’ll be, and that I won’t be fun anymore.  Losing Roo changed me to my core, and I know I will never be exactly the same as I was. I don’t wish to be either. I just hope I still enjoy being around the group. I can’t wait to see Chandler and Monica though. Monica has been so supportive, even all the way in Scotland. We’ve talked about everything in detail, and she’s been an ear to listen. Tahoe Couple on the other hand…well we didn’t even hear from them when everything happened, and they live just an hour away from us. I talked to her yesterday and she didn’t mention our loss once. She just talked about mundane, superficial things, and all I wanted to do was hang up the phone. I know some people don’t know how to react to tragedy, and like to pretend it didn’t happen. I just don’t know if I care to spend much time with those people.

So wish us luck. The wedding is for Chandler’s older brother. It’s so nice that they invited us, even though we’re not that close. It’ll be good food, drinks, and probably some dancing. I’m hoping to get into the spirit of things. I love a good wedding, where it seems like you fall in love with your partner all over again. I think we’ll have fun, and we’ll dance and enjoy ourselves. But I don’t think we’ll be getting hammered, or playing drinking games until the wee hours of the night. I’m pretty sure we’ll head home early for some snuggle time and a comfy bed. Now that sounds like a good time to me!


Guest post from: Winston Stewart

My friends and I enjoy getting together and often take turns trying to outdo each other with the most outlandish party themes. The best one so far has been the bridesmaids party. My friend kate had the idea and we had a blast. When the movie Bridesmaids came out on her, she set the plan in motion. All the ladies and fellas were instructed to dress up in the ladies old bridesmaid dresses to come over and view the movie. Although many of us had already seen the movie in the theater, it was definitely funny enough to watch again. Not to mention the hilarity of seeing everyone in their fabulous fashions. After the movie we had a fashion show where everyone got an opportunity to strut their stuff on a homemade catwalk. Prizes were given for the ugliest dress as well as the most ill-fitting. You can imagine who that went to—one of the bigger men stuffed into his much smaller wife’s cotton candy pink taffeta!