Post It Note Tuesday-Mailbox Stalking

When you’re single and your friends start to get married, every wedding invitation presents a strange moment of self-evaluation. Will you be bringing a guest or will you be attending alone? What it’s really asking is where do you see yourself in three months? Sitting next to your girlfriend or hitting on a bridesmaid? I always checked that I was bringing a guest. I was an optimist. -Ted, How I Met Your Mother

The Broom Ceremony

Listen to what the world is telling you and take the leap. -Lily, How I Met Your Mother

The last night of our vacation, my family was gathered around in my Uncle’s backyard at the outdoor fire. Everyone was laughing and talking and you could feel the love and family togetherness. This was the perfect moment for my mom to announce that she had a surprise for me and Match.

She gave us a package and inside was a broom. She then read a little history of the wedding custom of “jumping the broom“. She said she’s read about it before and it’s always touched her. So right then and there, with my whole mother’s side of the family there to witness, Match and I jumped the broom.

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Escort Cards and Free Weekends

Ray Barone: You’re already planning the wedding?
Debra Barone: I’ve been planning it since I was 12.
Ray Barone: But you didn’t meet me until you were 22.
Debra Barone: Well, you’re the last piece of the puzzle. –Everybody Loves Raymond

Now that Match has started up his graveyard shift, Friday doesn’t have quite the same ring to it that it normally did. I’ll be alone for most of the weekend, because during the day Match will be sleeping, and at night he’ll be working. I’m no stranger to the alone weekends. When we first started dating, Match was gone at academy all the time, so this isn’t much different. And this way I at least get him for dinner! Continue reading Escort Cards and Free Weekends

No Bridal Party

Phoebe: The coins have forgiven me!
Rachel: Yeah, well I hope Monica forgives you after you throw her
vegetarian, voodoo, goddess-circly shower! –Friends

When Match and I started planning the wedding we agreed we wouldn’t have a bridal party. We’re each others best friends, and we didn’t want to choose between our different groups of friends. Still, as I’ve said before, sometimes I do wish I had a best girl friend to help me out with all things bridal because there are a LOT. Continue reading No Bridal Party

Wedding Dress Shopping-Round 1

[Trying on wedding dresses] Oh, this dress is totally going to get me laid on my wedding night. -Lily, How I Met Your Mother

Yesterday Outdoor Girl and Couple Wife came with me for my first wedding dress shopping experience. I’ve never even gone wedding dress shopping with friends much less myself. I haven’t mentioned this before but I’m pretty modest, at least around girls. I know weird right? But I’m not the kind of girl who can pee in front of my girlfriends or change in front of each other. It’s weird but it’s a thing with me. So when I realized I would have to be getting undressed in front of a complete stranger while she wrestled me into chiffon I knew I was stepping into my own personal hell. Continue reading Wedding Dress Shopping-Round 1