We Want to Know Wednesday-Extra Cash

Johnny is driving limos part time for some extra cash. It’s great, when he’s off duty we get to play ‘easy prom date.’-Sharon, Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place


{1} What would you do with an extra $1000 a month? Match and I are actually saving up for a down payment and an extra grand a month would get us there a lot faster. I would also buy a smartphone. I’m going through major withdrawals without my crackberry, but I just can’t justify the expense right now. Sigh…

{2} What category of blogger do you think you best fall under? I actually have no idea. Um, personal diary category? I guess newlywed category as well?
{3} What is your go to solution when you are having a bad hair day? I hate the way my hair looks in a ponytail, so I generally just wear it down when I’m out. I attack it with a hair dryer when it’s misbehaving and that usually helps. At home I rock the ponytail bun most of the time. I like to think it’s that lazy sexy librarian look.
{4} If you were a Crayon, what color would you be? I have no clue, sorry this question is kind of silly. Um…I love the color blue but that probably doesn’t represent my personality. In my home decorating I gravitate towards earth tones, and in my clothing I wear a lot of blacks. Go ahead, analyze!
{5} They say love is in the little things. What is a little thing someone does to show you love? Match does this slightly annoying but mostly endearing thing where he’ll choose to cuddle me and be super affectionate when I’m right in the middle of something. For example cooking dinner or walking to the sink to do a dish. He’ll grab me around the waist and hug me and I end up having to drag him around the kitchen. As much as it annoys me in the moment, we both can’t help but laugh when I end up pulling him around trying to do work with this grown man attached to me that’s twice my size!

We Want to Know Wednesday-Perfect for Me

A person doesn’t have to be perfect to be exactly what you need. -Elliot, Scrubs

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{1} Which activities make you lose track of time?
Playing Call of Duty with Match. It’s crazy how fast you can piddle away 3 hours playing that damn game.

{2} Is there such a thing as perfect? Nope. But there is perfect for me, or perfect for someone. Such as Match, he is in no way perfect, but he’s exactly the right person for me. Just like I’m perfect for him, flaws and all. I don’t think I could stand being with someone who was perfect. I’d feel like I’d have to constantly measure up. Does that make sense?

{3} When do you feel most like yourself?
That’s a really tough question. I feel like there are different versions of me. There’s the outgoing me, who feels most at home in the middle of a fun party, hanging out with The Group and playing a rousing game of Community Cup and generally being the life and loudest of the party.

Then there’s the homebody me, snuggled up with Match in my pj-jays on the couch, sipping wine and relaxing and having a mellow night. Both are equally me.

{4} Describe your life in a 6 word sentence: How did I get so lucky?

{5} Share one of your most beloved childhood memories: One that stands out for me is when we moved in with my stepdad, my Popa. I think it was our first Easter together, I’m not sure. I was pretty young, maybe 4? I just remember waking up and finding a brand new radio flyer wagon in the living room, and it was just for me! It was from my Popa. My pops, who went from being a terminal bachelor to being an instant dad when he started dating my mom, has always been such a kind and generous man. I know a lot of people complain about stepparents, but my Pops has been more of a father to my brother and me than my real dad ever was. I’m so happy to have such a great Pops!

We Want to Know Wednesday-The Boob Job

[Monica and Chandler each borrow money from Joey, forcing him to lie to them both until they find out.]
Rachel: Joey! Why did you tell Chandler that Monica was getting a boob job?
Joey: Because she is!
Monica: Joey, Chandler knows I borrowed the money.
Joey: Mm-hmm! For your boob job!
Monica, Rachel, Chandler: It’s over, Joe!
Joey: Okay. So I’m out four thousand dollars and nobody’s boobs are getting any bigger? –Friends

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1. Name five of your favorite new blogs that you’re reading.
The Young and The Relentless, Real Life Reslers, , Boobies, Babies, and a Blog, and Terri’s Little Haven
2. When you were a young child or teenager, did you have an idea of how many children you wanted and what their names would be? Did you follow through on your ideas?
I have always wanted two children, a boy and a girl. I have never really been able to narrow down names, and I’m afraid I still can’t. It would be  great to be blessed with a boy and a girl someday; though I really just hope I’ll be lucky enough to be a mom someday regardless of gender.

3. What is the silliest thing you fight with someone about? It could be your spouse, sibling, parents, co-worker, etc.
Ha, this is perfect timing. Just today I had a mini argument with Match over where we’ll go for a vacation. It wasn’t a big fight, we don’t really have those, but it was more of a nitpicky kind of silly fight. Match is really bad about making plans and he always leaves it to me. He’s also terrible about telling me what he would like to do, and tries to just go with the flow. The problem with this is inevitably I’ll pick something he doesn’t want to do, and he waits til the last minute to tell me, so we end up not doing anything. Sometimes it feels like a silly fight because we’re fighting over what fun thing to do. I know it’s silly but I do wish he’d come up with the plan for once!

4. What is your favorite scent that others may not find very nice? Ex. gasoline, sweat from your sweetie, etc.
Campfire smoke and the smoke smell after you light a match. Smells delicious to me.

5. What are your thoughts on plastic surgery? (Have you had it? Want it? Regrets?)
What a perfectly timed question. I just saw Sassy Couple yesterday and Sassy just got a boob job. I have to say I’ve always said I’d never get plastic surgery but hers looked fantastic! I do wish I was blessed a little bit better in the girl’s department, but I don’t think I could ever go through that kind of pain. She was describing it and it sounded terrible! I think I’d rather go with water bras. Seems much less painful.

We Want to Know Wednesday- Puppy Love

I… love this dog! We totally bonded. We just sat there together in the park. He checked out butts. I checked out butts.-Jack, Will & Grace

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I have to apologize because I’m writing this up on my iPad. I was home for less than 24 hours before we left again for Matchs parents house to visit. His sis just got home from Peru! So bare with me. I wanted to include pictures and to update you all on my epic trip home, but that will have to wait. Guys I’m so ready to be home.

Ok so on to the we want to know Wednesday Q & A. Question 2 was brought to you by McKenzie and Question 3 was brought to you by yours truly!

{1} You have been asked to give a 10 minute speech to teenage girls. What is it about?

1. High school will be over soon, try not to take it all so seriously.
2. Like Impulsive Addict said, wear longer shorts. Wear longer skirts too. You can get a guys attention without being a slut.
3. Boys are not everything. Cultivate your friendships and cherish them.
4. Don’t stoop to petty gossip.

{2} Do you have a pet? Tell us about them. No pets? Why?

I’ve had pets all my life. When Match met me, I had my dog Monkey and my bird, evil. We got rid of Evil when he started biting me all the time after he fell in love with Match. I felt terrible about giving him up but we adopted him out to a loving family with many bird friends and he’s much better off. I don’t recommend getting a bird ever. My dog is my sweetest little guy and before Match he was my best friend. He got me through some of the hardest times of my life. I told M if he was going to love me he had to love my dog. I think he’s definitely fallen for the little guy.

{3} What is the biggest inconvenience about the place you’re currently living?
We are too far from our friends. I think we spend more time driving to and from our old town than we do at home at times. Also our town we live in now has an oil refinery in it and the pollution is nasty!

{4} What do you think is the single best decision you have made in your life so far?
I have to say that would be taking the plunge and signing up for Match.com and taking that risk. If I hadn’t I never would have met the love of my life. And my dear readers I almost didn’t open his message because I thought his picture was ridiculous with his shirt off. I expected an overconfident toolbag but instead I met the funniest, sweetest equally a goofy as me guy that I cannot picture my life without.

{5} What are the THREE “nevers” of your life? (things you would never do or have never done)
1. I will never shoot up drugs. Ew ew ew ew.
2. I will never be unfaithful to my husband.
3. I will never stop standing up for what I believe is right. I’ve knocked heads with my in laws, parents etc about things like flu vaccines and my beliefs when it comes to my family’s health. I know when I become a mom I will have to really stand my ground when everyone has their own opinions.

Come play along! I want to know your answers.

We Want to Know Wednesday- My Talents

I haven’t sung since the sixth grade talent show when I sang Pat Benatar’s “Hell Is For Children”. Then at the end, Mr. Shaman the emcee said “No, hell is for everyone who heard you sing that song.” My mom was so mad at him that she slept with him and ruined his marriage. -Elliot, Scrubs

We just got back yesterday from a 4 night stay with the in-laws. Our weekend was crazy busy. First Token Gay Guys’ wedding, then Match’s cousin’s high school graduation, then his cousin’s birthday/grad party the next day. I’ve got so much catching up to do with you all, and many blog entries to write, but I’m still recovering from it all. So I’m going to play along with WWTKW and I promise I’ll be back with stories tomorrow. Starting with my first paintball experience and how I had to repeatedly explain the GINORMOUS bruise on my arm and insist that no, Match does not beat me.

With that lovely introduction, here we go!


brought to you by:
Mamarazzi, Janette, Impulsive Addict, and Seriously Shawn

1). If the blogging world had a talent show, what would your act be?

I wasn’t sure if this question referred to my blogging talents, or my talents in real life. I’m going to go with real life and say it would be singing. I wish I had some cool and unique talent but that’s about all I can do. That and be the life of a party. Is that a talent?

2). What’s the most likely reason you might become famous?

Well it wouldn’t be for singing. I love to sing but I’m no rock star. I can’t really see myself as famous except for if I were involved in some sort of scandal, caused by my drunken tom foolery no doubt. Or if I actually wrote  a book and it became super popular. Now that would be cool!

3). What question are you repeatedly asked that you are tired of hearing?

Now that I’m not working, a lot of people ask me what I do. It’s always tough because I feel like I have to explain myself to everyone and it drives me nuts. I’m plenty busy thank you very much, and I don’t like feeling like I have to justify my lifestyle. Lately I’ve been answering with freelance writer and that seems to shut them up.

4.) What’s the last thing you broke?

Are we talking about inanimate objects or body parts here? 😉 I’m a klutz so I drop a lot of stuff. The last thing I broke was one of our brand new wedding plates but I superglued that badboy back together! Last bone I broke was my wrist in the 1st grade. With my klutziness, that’s pretty impressive I must say.

5.) Finish this sentence. I can’t believe I used to ________.

Smoke! Bleck. It is so disgusting but for some dumb reason I was really into it. I blame it on Oregon. It seems to be the favorite pasttime for many of my home town friends. I am so glad I kicked that habit in a hot hurry when I moved to California. I had a date tell me I really stunk, and I was so embarrassed! Quit pretty quickly after that.