10 Year Anniversary Ideas

Match and I were chatting the other night about how our 10 year anniversary is essentially just a year and a half away. Can you believe that? Wasn’t it just yesterday that I was planning our wedding on this blog? And now here we are, practically a decade later. Still blogging, still very much in love.

We’ve been saying we’d like to do something big for the 10 year, since we never had the chance to do the real honeymoon thing. Piglet will be old enough by then that we’ll feel okay leaving him with grandparents for a stretch of time. Now it’s just a question of where to go? I think it would be fun to go here to https://www.gadventures.com/destinations/south-america/machu-picchu/ Machu Picchu, where Match’s sister met her husband. They were both renting a house in Peru, and fell in love. There are so many amazing ruins to visit, so I can see the appeal for them. Match’s parents are always talking about how much they love things here in Santa Fe, a place they visit every year, sometimes multiple trips in a year.

But really, for Match and I both, places near the ocean are near and dear to our hearts. We both chuckled that we didn’t have a beach wedding, since we’re both huge fans of the ocean and all things aquatic. I was practically obsessed with all things sea related all growing up. Match recently finished his epic octopus tattoo, which is pretty much the coolest tattoo in the world, in my humble opinion.

We both want to go somewhere coastal that we’ve never been. Alaska is pretty high on the list, as is Ireland. Hawaii is also way up there, but I could see going there with Piglet too. Ireland would be a better place just to go for us, and I don’t think it would hold quite the same appeal as Hawaii for a young child. We could go to pubs, listen to our favorite irish music, and soak in all the history that there is in that part of the world. We’re both very into irish culture and celtic histories. Every photo and video I’ve seen of Ireland is breathtakingly beautiful to me. So for me, that would be the number one.

Alaska also holds so much appeal. To see the glaciers up close and in person is something high on my bucket list. I’d also love to see the Northern Lights, though I’ve heard that’s a trickier thing to try to plan on. I would be happy to do a cruise near the glaciers, and definitely a train trip through the wild Alaskan wilderness.

How about you, dear readers? Where would you go if you could go on a trip? Would you go to white sand beaches to relax, or go adventuring as Match and I are inclined to do? Or maybe a mixture of both? Hopefully we can save up and do something big for that big 10 year tin anniversary. You can be sure I’ll be writing about it, whatever we decide.