Weekend of BBQs


Lisa:: (reading) Come to Homer’s BBBQ – The extra B is for BYOBB.
Bart: What’s THAT extra B for?
Homer: That’s a typo.
The Simpsons


Last weekend our camping trip was canceled because DC was busy with graduation plans. It was all for the best since Memorial Weekend was sure to be way too crowded at the lake. Match and I made the best of his rare full weekend off, and spent the weekend outdoors bbqing and hanging with friends. I got a great tan, and we both enjoyed each other’s company. Continue reading Weekend of BBQs

SPT-The Elusive #8

Well, it’s no secret. Our city is under siege by a graffiti vandal known as, “El Barto”. Police artist have a composite sketch to go over and if anyone has any information, please contact us immediately. -Chief Wiggum, The Simpsons

I can’t believe we have two more SPT 8 challenges left. Who would have thought one little number would be so evasive? Luckily I bring my cell phone with me everywhere, and I managed to snap a shot while walking Monkey. My firefighter boyfriend can tell you the exact name of this contraption. Me, I just call it the hydrant looking thingy. Anyways, what first caught me was the “El Barto” tag. I just thought it was funny and ridiculously old school. img00022

As I walked towards it to get a better look, low and behold! The elusive 8! So there ya have it. El Barto struck again. I know, kind of a random, boring SPT, but at least I didn’t take a picture of Lortone rock tumblers or something. But with the struggles I’m having finding 8s, I just might have to.img000231

Bowling Night

Chief Wiggum: Hey, I just heard about it over the squawk box. That’s some nice work, Simpson.
Homer: Yes, it is nice work.
Apu: Oh, Homer. I just heard about the little bundle of joy.
Homer: It’s true, the bundle is little, but I’m not in it for the money.
Moe: Hey Homer, way to get Marge pregnant!
Homer: This is becoming very abstract, but thank you, I do enjoy working at the bowling alley! –The Simpsons

This week has been super busy at work. I guess it’s the mad rush at the end of the year before the holidays. I was so happy when Friday finally came and we could have some much needed fun. This week Match finished his final exam, and finally completed his fire academy, yay! The only thing left is his live fire, which is today. Continue reading Bowling Night

Roommates Not Meant to Be

Ooh, Mama! This is finally really happening. After years of disappointment with get-rich-quick schemes, I know I’m gonna get rich with this scheme… and quick! -Homer, The Simpsons

Last night right before Match and I were about to get into some serious making out, Brazil called. I knew she probably wanted to talk about when we were going to start house sitting and moving into their place, so I picked up the phone. Then she said these words, “We decided now is not a good time for the four of us to live together.” Continue reading Roommates Not Meant to Be

Daydreaming with Friends

Cheer up, Bart. Milhouse is still going to need a true friend, someone to tell him he’s great. Someone to rub lotion on him. Someone he can hurl whiskey bottles at when he’s feeling low. -Lisa, The Simpsons

Friday night Match and I got to hang out with Couple Wife and Couple Hubby. They just recently moved into their first home, and it is beyond drool worthy. Their house is a 2 story, 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom home, and it’s gorgeous! CW has the exact same taste I do in furniture and I couldn’t help but be jealous of their beautiful home. Someday…someday that will be us.

Continue reading Daydreaming with Friends