My First Turkey

Happy belated Thanksgiving! It was a crazy, busy holiday, as they always are. This year we hosted at our new home. This seems to be our pattern-we buy a house, and then we host Thanksgiving. I love hosting! Here’s me and my cousin’s girlfriend, all cheerful in the kitchen.


We invited my cousins, aunt, uncle, brother and his fiancee over for the holiday. My aunt was going to cook the turkey. At the last minute, my uncle came down with the flu so they had to stay home. She sent the turkey along with my cousin, and said I could do it. I was nervous but kind of excited about it! I asked my brother’s fiancee if she would help me with the turkey, since it was my first.  I never heard back from her, and since she’s a flake, I went ahead and made the turkey according to some advice from another friend who was there. I didn’t think anything of it, and when they strolled in just a few hours before dinner, she went off on me for not letting her make the turkey. In my home. Where I was hosting Thanksgiving. It was crazy weird.

I said I was very sorry for the misunderstanding, and that I never asked for her to cook it, just to help, and that she was welcome to sit back and relax. Mind you, they were the last ones there, so by no means were they early. Apparently, in her world, they were “hours” too early, and she proceeded to pout. Like a teenage girl. She sulked in a chair, not talking to anyone, except to grunt hello, and then kept disappearing into another room. It was super awkward.

They left early, after she made rude remarks to me, after I profusely thanked her for the side dishes she brought. She didn’t once thank me for hosting, for opening my home to her. Everyone was pretty horrified that this new person to the family would be such a raging bitch. I even took my brother aside and asked him if he could talk to her, and get her to lighten up. He jumped to her defense, and the next day, even told me I owed her an apology. I’m like, um…pretty sure she owed all of us an apology for being super rude.

The minute she left, we all breathed a collected sigh of relief, and managed to have a fun evening of playing cards against humanity.


I’m so sad about the silly, needless drama with my future sister-in-law. I have serious doubts about her as a person, (there are so many other issues, drug abuse being high on the list, which explains her irrational anger) but I’m mostly disappointed in my brother, that he would allow this person to come into my house and treat me like garbage, especially over a misunderstanding. I was nothing but nice to her, and apparently that wasn’t enough. I guess it wouldn’t be a holiday event without some sort of drama.

But it was still a nice holiday, and I’m so thankful for everything we have. The visit with my cousins was amazing, and I’m so glad to be getting to know them as adults. Our friends C&M came over too, and I love how close we’ve gotten to them. They were comic relief for me while dealing with the brother’s fiancee drama. C dubbed her “turkey penis” and now it’s our inside joke.


But most of all I’m thankful for my boys, and this lovely life we’ve made together. Piglet told us about his thankful tree that they made at daycare. I asked him what he was thankful for, and he said, “I’m thankful for you and daddy. ” I love that sweet boy!


Thanksgiving 2012

We all were a part of one another, one family, one community. Sometimes we forget this and so we meet here each year to give thanks to those who have helped us and to remember, even the greatest darkness is nothing, so long as we share the light. -Father, Beauty and the Beast

We have so much to be thankful for this year. It’s been a long hard year, but we’ve seen that rainbow at the end of the storm, and we couldn’t wait to share our news with the rest of the family. We even had Match’s sister there, who conspired with me that she was surprising her family for Thanksgiving. I kept urging my MIL to get ready a little bit early, much to her annoyance I’m sure. Then when there was a knock at the door, I said, why don’t you open it, and I’ll finish setting up? I grabbed the camera and captured her reaction as her daughter and her daughter’s boyfriend walked through the door. It was so sweet!

I had to wear a jacket around all day, hiding my baby bump, waiting for everyone to arrive. When the last person showed up, my mother in law gathered everyone outside and said we had an announcement. I’m sure they guessed what it was, but they still did a great job of acting surprised. I just stood up and took my jacket off. I had planned on saying something, but in the moment with all eyes on me, I got a little nervous. But as soon as I turned to the side, the aunts started cheering, and everyone clapped. It was a great moment!

We settled into a relaxing afternoon of eating, drinking (I drink with my nose by smelling all the wine, lol) and enjoying visiting with family. I helped decorate the 24 inch round tables and everything looked so festive. We got to chatting about Christmas, and I asked the aunts where they were planning on having it this year. No one really wanted to host, so I offered our home. We’re a drive from everyone, but we have such an open floor plan, and our house is perfect for guests. Everyone was really excited, and it looks like I’ll be hosting my first big family Christmas!! They all made me promise not to do too much, and I won’t, but I cannot wait to get started on decorations. In fact, I think I’m going to go start today. 🙂

My Third Thanksgiving With Match

Eric, honey, could you get the Thanksgiving turkey out of the freezer? Oh, wait. It’s a 20-pounder. Donna, could you get the Thanksgiving turkey out of the freezer? -Kitty, That 70’s Show

This year’s Thanksgiving festivities were so much fun. I still can’t believe this was my third Thanksgiving with Match and his family. Time has flown by and so much has changed for the two of us. Match’s Parents hosted Thanksgiving this year which was really nice for us. We were able to have Monkey there and we didn’t have to drive since we spent the long weekend with them.

I got up early and helped Match’s Dad with the cooking. I made cornbread and stuffed mushrooms by request. I make them every year and they a huge pain in the butt. They’re worth it when everyone eats them before I can get them on the plate!

Match’s four aunts were there along with their spouses and a few of Match’s cousins. I liked that it was a fairly small group this year. Everyone was just so relaxed and comfortable. As we sat down for dinner a few of the aunts made a toast to the family. I never make toasts but I felt that this year I had to say something. I stood up shyly and said, “This is my third Thanksgiving with you all, and my first as an official member of the family, and I just wanted to say, I couldn’t be happier.” It was short and sweet, but it teared everyone up, especially my mother in law.

I love that there was no reason to take pills for acne, no one stressed out, no one argued. It was just a warm family dinner. After dinner we played Catch Phrase and Match’s mom led me in a very clumsy (on my part, I have two left feet) dance around the living room.

We had Celtic music playing, Irish coffees, and lots and lots of laughter.

How did you celebrate your Thanksgiving?

Post It Note Tuesday-4 Day Weekend!

Robin: I am Canadian. Remember? We celebrate Thanksgiving in October.
Ted: Oh right I forgot. You guys are weird and you pronounce the word ‘out’, ‘oot’.
Robin: You guys are the world’s leader in hand gun violence; your health care system is bankrupt and your country is deeply divided on almost every important issue.
Ted[pause] Your cops are called ‘mounties’. –How I Met Your Mother

Only Parent Chronicles

Early Turkey Day and Family Drama

Jess: Wait, you’re taking off? Is this about your dad? Is he alright?
Sam: Yeah, you know, just a little family drama. –Supernatural

Yesterday Match and I got to celebrate an early Thanksgiving with his extended family. I was all jazzed about lots of food but I barely ate a thing. We hadn’t seen a lot of the family since our wedding and everyone wanted to talk. It sort of felt like my wedding because I was so busy talking I never had time to really eat. I didn’t even have turkey (gasp!). I haven’t been working out for the past month so I wasn’t exactly worse for wear after eating a little meal. Plus I made this incredibly fattening, so of course delicious, cornbread. And I may have sampled a bit before bringing it over. And some of the batter. Maybe.

It was great to see the family but there was an awful lot of driving involved for a Friday night. Both Match and I were worn out from the work week and didn’t feel up for driving an hour and a half through traffic.

Match’s Aunt (one of 5)’s house is pretty nice. The house has a great layout with an open kitchen and family room and separate formal living room. There were little scatterings of people all throughout the house and I made my rounds visiting with everyone. My favorite part of the night were the games when one of Match’s cousins busted out Catch Phrase. Not everyone played but those of us who did had a good laugh.

While I absolutely love Match’s family, this potluck made me really homesick for Thanksgivings from the past with my mom’s side of the family. It’s been years since we’ve had a big family Thanksgiving. My mom is also one of five siblings and there seems to be a lot of drama within the family. There’s always one aunt or uncle who’s not speaking to the rest of the fam and it seems to get worse the older we all get. I wish we could go back to how it was when I was a little kid and my cousins were all babies. We’d all crowd into our living room and play charades or sing songs. Sometimes one of my uncles and I would put on skits and tell jokes to entertain the family. I’m betting we had just as much family drama back then but I was too young to know anything about it. To be young and oblivious again…sometimes that sounds so nice.

I’m looking forward to Thanksgiving. Even though it will be a bit more formal, I’m sure after a few glasses of wine I can convince the in-laws to play some games. Maybe sing a few songs. But a skit might be pushing it. I don’t know if I want to see my mother in law that drunk. 😉

Do you have family traditions for Thanksgiving? Any family drama around the holidays? I can’t be the only one!