Piglet’s First Swim

Today we took Piglet to our gym’s pool for family swim time. It’s the first time he’s actually been submerged in a pool. I tried once when he two months old, but the water was way too cold.


This pool is indoors, so we didn’t have to worry about sunscreen and all that. The pool was heated to a perfect 86 degrees, and there were only a few people swimming, so it felt like we had the place to ourselves.  The pictures don’t really do him justice. He had a great time, and kept cracking up, until I’d get out and grab the camera. He absolutely loved the water, and had a great time splashing with Daddy! I have a feeling this kid is going to be part fish before long! I definitely need to sign us up for some mommy and me swim classes. We had such a fun afternoon with our little guy, and we were so impressed that he didn’t even seem scared by the new experience. It was a welcome relief from the heat we’ve been having, and I can’t wait to go back!



2012 Review Extravaganza-Week 3

Jack: Whaddya think?
Kate:I think we should listen to Sawyer.
Hurley:I vote for not camping too.
Sawyer:Trust me doc. You’ll do what I say then everything will be fine.

We’re in the 3rd week of the Review Extravaganza! Only one week left to go! For a reminder of the rules and all of the fabulous prizes, go HERE.

This week we’re reviewing July, August, and September.

Don’t forget to visit my wonderful co-hosts (just click on their names) Lourie-CA Girl; MiMi-Living in France; Nicole-Life’s a Beach; Emmy Mommy; Janette-Johanson Journey.
For a reminder of the rules and all of the fabulous prizes, go HERE.


We enjoyed fun weekends of swimming, hiking, potlucks, and time with friends. I started going to church again, and found some strength through renewing my spiritual side.


 Match and I spent our fourth year in Carmel as a couple. It was a great trip and we always have such a great time there.

I wrote about our early miscarriage the month before, and what a setback that was for us emotionally.  My family came to visit me, an old friend moved to town, and Match and I went on some great hikes.


 We fixed up our backyard and celebrated our 2 year wedding anniversary.  I got through Roo’s due date, and we survived the camping trip from Hell.

I got my first tattoo, and I celebrated m y 29th birthday week

September ended on a wonderful note, when we found out we were pregnant again. I didn’t blog about it until a little while later of course. :-)September was the month that lots of joy came back into our household. Join us next week for the final recaps, October, November, December, as well as 5 goals/hopes you have for the new year.

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Travel Girl and Playing By the Pool

Rose: How did you know that, Dorothy?

Dorothy: I’m clairvoyant, Rose.

Rose: You’re so lucky. I get into a pool and I sink like a stone. –The Golden Girls

I mentioned in a previous post that Travel Girl, Match’s younger sister, just got home. She’s been living out of the country for the last 7 years, only coming home on random quick vacations to visit. Both Match and I are excited to have her back in the states and we’re hoping she stays long term.

We went to visit her and the in-laws the day after I got back from Oregon. I felt sorry for her because we basically bombarded her just days after her arrival, so she was pretty tired and not much for company. We took pity on her and backed off after our hyper hellos while she wiped the sleep out of her eyes. The weather was gorgeous so the three of us plopped ourselves poolside for the two days we were in town. The first night we were there we got to talking to her parents about the pool. They said they are thinking of putting up one of those safety pool covers to protect their dog as well as future grand babies. No pressure there eh in-laws? 😉 But I do think it’s a good idea, especially since we are helping FIL teach Piddle how to swim.

Check him out, I was so proud of that pup.

He actually did pretty well for his first time out. He’s terrified of the water, but after some coaxing he got in. The fear my MIL has is that he will end up swimming when we aren’t home, and maybe falling when the flimsy cover is on and drowning. It’s a valid fear but I think with the right cover he’ll be just fine. Plus he’s a long way off from getting into the pool by himself. He definitely didn’t love swimming, but he’s getting better at it.

It’s a far cry from my crazy pup who jumps in the pool every chance he gets.

I don’t mind this too much, unless we’ve left the door to the house open and he drags in muddy paw prints. But he insists on barking the entire time we are in the pool, which is really annoying. I think he thinks he’s a lifeguard. Maybe we should get him a whistle. We spent the afternoon trying to train him not to bark when one of us jumps in. In the end we gave up and just put him in his carrier with a towel covering it so we didn’t have to deal with him. Now that’s parenting folks. 😉

Weekend of BBQs


Lisa:: (reading) Come to Homer’s BBBQ – The extra B is for BYOBB.
Bart: What’s THAT extra B for?
Homer: That’s a typo.
The Simpsons


Last weekend our camping trip was canceled because DC was busy with graduation plans. It was all for the best since Memorial Weekend was sure to be way too crowded at the lake. Match and I made the best of his rare full weekend off, and spent the weekend outdoors bbqing and hanging with friends. I got a great tan, and we both enjoyed each other’s company. Continue reading Weekend of BBQs