What’s up, Weekend 11.16

I love the theme for this linkup with the Peaceful Posse: happy/gratitude/favs of the week/happy weekend

That’s exactly how I felt this weekend. It started with Piglet having a new school friend over for a playdate. The two boys played and I got a chance to get to know his mom, whom I’ve only briefly chatted with during school pick-up. She’s great, and I felt like we clicked. She also brought over a Harry Potter lego gift for Piglet, and is as obsessed with all things HP as I am, so I was immediately a fan! The boys are both only children, so I feel like they really “get” each other. Here they are being “pieces of coal”.

Saturday we played host to Match’s sister and her little not so little baby, who is now 1! I can’t even believe how fast that happened. It was nice having just the girls to ourselves. I loved watching Piglet interacting with his cousin. He was so good about keeping her entertained and playing with her. She just lit up around him, and especially for Uncle Match.

We ordered sushi takeout and loved watching Little Niece chomp down on some avocado rolls. She’s going to be sushi obsessed like her cousin Piglet!

Today we took a stroll downtown and did a little Christmas shopping. We stopped at one of our favorites for lunch and coffee. It was a great visit!

After the girls left we took Piglet to the park. It’s been the driest November in Oregon’s history, so we took full advantage. Match and I strapped on our rollerblades while Piglet took to his bike. We raced each other around the park and soaked up the sunshine.

I am grateful for time with new friends, family, and my husband who has been gone all week working out of town. I’m happy we only have a 3 day work week next week, and then it’s off to Bend for some more R&R!

What made you happy this weekend?

#20-Have Dinner in the City With Match

Ross: I studied ka-ra-te for a long time, and there’s a concept you should really be familiar with. It’s what the Japanese call unagi.
Rachel: Isn’t that a kind of sushi?
Ross: No, it’s a concepโ€”
Phoebe: Yeah, it is, it is. It’s freshwater eel.
Ross: Okay, maybe it means that, too. –Friends


Friday Match and I finally got to have a really nice date night. We hopped on the Bart and headed to San Francisco for sushi and I was able to cross off #20 on my Project 52 List.

We both love taking the Bart because it is so relaxing compared to driving in SF. The traffic and the crazy drivers stress us both out. Plus parking alone can cost up to $20 and the train is a lot less expensive. There is always great people watching to be had on public transportation too.

When we got to San Francisco we made the mistake of not knowing exactly where we were going to eat. We thought we would just find something near the Embarcadero stop. Unfortunately that’s near the financial district, which basically shuts down at 5pm. We ended up walking all the way down to Union Square, near all the fancy shops with acronyms like BCBSNC and DKNY. There we finally stumbled upon Hana Zen.

We were lucky enough to be seated right away (on a Friday night with no reservations!) and the first thing we ordered was our favorite Nigori Sake. If you haven’t tried cold sake, you are missing out. It’s one of the sweetest sakes and it goes great with spicy tuna rolls.

We ordered four different rolls and they were all melt in your mouth deliciousness.

We had a great window seat and were able to watch the hustle and bustle of the city. We also got to see a really drunk guy pee all over his buddy’s car before crawling into the passenger seat. It was pretty funny because it wasn’t even 8pm! Who gets that trashed that early?

After dinner we decided to try to find a pub to get a night cap. Unfortunately we had trouble finding one and I, the Queen of the Teeny Bladder had to pee. So we found a Jack in the Box that had a public restroom. Match was still hungry even after all that sushi (damn his amazing metabolism!) so he ordered a burger while I ventured past a group of women who I was pretty sure were prostitutes on the way to the bathroom. It had one of those tokens to get in, and when I did, I walked right into two people hooking up in the bathroom. Luckily I didn’t see much, just a quick scramble of clothes and bodies moving apart but I was still totally grossed out. Needless to say I had to use my hovering skills on that toilet seat!!

After the disturbing bathroom experience I was pretty beat. My feet were also throbbing since I insisted on wearing my cute boots even though I knew they would be uncomfortable. Never again! I did my best to not complain but I was so beat. We’d both been up since 430am and even though dinner was amazing, I wanted nothing more than to get home to my comfy sweats. When I admitted this to Match he said, “Oh thank god! I’m so ready to go home, but I didn’t want to cut our date short.” ๐Ÿ™‚ I love that we’re both such homebodies. We both agreed that dinner was great, but next time I will wear comfy shoes and we will have a better game plan of where we want to go afterwards.

After a piggy back ride from the Bart to our car because my feet would just not work, we finally got home. We settled onto the couch with beers, our pajama jams, and Call of Duty. It was the perfect end to a lovely date night with my husband.


Match and the Anniversary Date

Jim: [regarding Pam’s father] What did he say? Is it my fault?
Pam: Yeah. He said that you told him much you love me. About how you feel when I walk in a room. And about how you’ve never doubted for a second that I’m the woman you want to spend the rest of your life with. I guess he’s never felt that way about my mom, even at their best.
Jim: You okay?
Pam: Yeah. [Cut to interview room] When you’re a kid, you assume your parents are soulmates. My kids are going to be right about that. –The Office

img_55431Our anniversary date lived up to my expectations and then some. Match and I had discussed ahead of time not buying presents for each other and to just do cards and a nice meal. So when I got home, I was surprised (and oh so pleased) to see a bouquet of red roses waiting for me. ๐Ÿ™‚ The card he gave me was incredibly thoughtful, and my cheesy homemade photo card paled by comparison. He wrote to me about how much I mean to him, and that he’s found the one.

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My Quarter Century

When they write the book of my life, what section will I be in? Mystery? Horror? Romance? Or just misfiled and jammed in the back under military history? -Samantha, Samantha Who?

Last weekend I celebrated turning a quarter of a century. I know that for some of my readers, this seems pretty young, but for me, it’s a milestone birthday. In my young life, I’ve experienced many ups and downs. I’ve survived some atrocious relationships, over ten different moves (all after I graduated high school), family hardships, the births of my two nephews and one niece, high school, college, I am on my second “grown up” job, and hopefully the beginning of a very important chapter in my romantic life.

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