Thinking of Buying a Car

Jack Bauer should torture his suspects by making them go car shopping with their exes. -Lorelai, Gilmore Girls

I’ve been toying with the idea of getting a newer car. I’m frustrated by it because I’ve finally paid off my Ford Focus that I bought new back in the day with Flame Boy. That car has always been the bane of my existence because it wasn’t entirely my decision. In fact, Flame Boy, as was his way back then, made all the decisions for me, even when I protested. I think that buying a car new isn’t the smartest investment, particularly one I’d done no research on, like my Focus. Don’t get me wrong, eventually I appreciated it, but I never loved it. And I’ve always hated the color. Silly I know, but true. Continue reading Thinking of Buying a Car

Match and the Used Car

We can’t compete with a bunch of cars. Wheels are like bosoms to men… and a car has four. -Kitty, That 70s Show

This past weekend was spent pretty much doing nothing. Both Match and I were sick, which zapped every bit of energy we had. That didn’t stop me from going a little bit stir crazy.  I spent some time scrapbooking my new life with Match. I’ve already filled up an entire album and I’m not even into October with it! As fun as it was to reflect on our relationship up to now, it was also a bit depressing, because it reminded me of how active we normally are, and how sedentary this stupid cold had made us both.To top that off Match had become completely obsessed with buying a Subaru WRX. Continue reading Match and the Used Car