Recruit Spaghetti Feed and a Lucky Raffle

Freddie: I just said, “Oh.”

Carly: No, you said it like you were at a raffle, and you won a prize, and then you found out that the prize was just a can of soup, so you go, “Oh.”

Freddie: You know I like you way better than most soups. -iCarly

This past Saturday Match’s Law Enforcement Academy had a spaghetti feed fundraiser. Each academy holds a fundraiser and part of the money goes to fund their graduation party, and part of it goes to their legacy they leave for the next group. Each academy does something to improve the school and to leave their mark. It’s a pretty cool idea and I’m curious about what they will choose as their class legacy.

Match had to get to the feed early to set up, so I was left to drive Match’s parents. They came into town to support the academy which was very sweet. I worried that the drive over would be a little awkward but we had a really good time. I love that both of Match’s parents are pretty social so once we got to the event I didn’t have to babysit. They mingled and had a great time getting to know the recruits.

I was in my element. I think most of you know by now that I’m a huge people person and I love a good social event. I mingled with everyone and had fun joking around with the other recruits. It was nice to finally put some faces to the names I’d been hearing about for so long but hadn’t had a chance to meet. Flirty Recruit was there and both Sassy Girl and I made sure to shoot a couple of daggers her way. I think she’s rather afraid of me because she made sure not to talk to Match for long. 😉 Good move Flirty, good move.

There was a raffle table set up with all kinds of cool items being raffled off after dinner. I bought four tickets for $20 and figured it’d be cool if we won a little something. There were bottles of wine, gift cards, cigars, a couple of contemporary coffee tables and then two grand prizes. One was a gift basket for the SF Giants, including box seats to a game, and the other was a signed Kobe Bryant jersey. I was pretty impressed with the swag they managed to get donated!

So after dinner was raffle time. I had a few glasses of wine and I was feeling pretty happy. I had been laughing and talking with Sassy Girl and her two adorable kids. I actually wasn’t paying a ton of attention when the first raffle was read off, so I was surprised when I realized I had won! It was two bottles of wine, nothing too fancy but still, it was exciting to win, and I was the first one.

I got up all eager and made my way to the front of the room to get my wine. I thankfully didn’t trip either! Then another couple of prizes got raffled off and then it was time for the SF Giants basket. I looked over at Match and held up my crossed fingers and he just laughed at me. Then the announcer gave a big chuckle and called out our last name (our names were on the back of the raffle tickets). I jumped up and did a little dance and fist pumped. Guys, not only were these tickets to a Giants game, but FOUR box seats! I could not have been more excited.

Match just covered his face in his hands when he saw me dancing my way up to the front of the room. I think everyone else got a kick out of it. 😉

After the prizes, Sassy Girl and I got up and danced a little bit on the dance floor. They had  dj and some great music, but unfortunately not a lot of people danced so it was kind of awkward. We had a good time though and I was cracking up at Sassy’s oldest, who is 7, and who had far better dance moves than I can ever hope to have. You should have seen her wiggling on the dance floor.

All and all it was a great night and I got my social butterfly fix. I still can’t believe I won those tickets. We had a couple of people bugging us for the other seats. We promised Good Couple we will take them and they were thrilled. Also, Good Couple doesn’t drink, so they can be our DDs for the night. Win win!