My Personal Shopper

[Monica wants to hide from Rachel the fact that she went shopping with Julie, so she creates an alibi.]
Monica: Phoebe, listen. You were with me and we were shopping all day.
Phoebe: What?
Monica: We were shopping and we had lunch.
Phoebe: Oh, all right. What did I have?
Monica: You had a salad.
Phoebe: Oh. No wonder I don’t feel full. –Friends

On Tuesday Couple Wife and Couple Baby met up with me after work to go shopping. I had mentioned to CW that I needed a whole new wardrobe, and since Match and I just got our deposit back from our old place, we figured it was the perfect chance to go on a little spree. I’m fashionally challenged, so CW said she’d love to come along and be my personal shopper. She went through the outlet stores with me, pulling clothes off racks and making me try them on, even if they weren’t in my comfort zone.

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