The Battle of the Front Door

As some of you may recall, we took on the huge task of painting the exterior of our house. We both agreed on the color of the house, but we could not agree on the color for the front door.

After a pretty heated debate, which we took to Facebook, I finally conceded to Match, and we went with the green.

I still think my color was better, so he compromised and we painted the inside my color, and the outside his. The outside is Sherwin Williams Parrot Green, and the inside is Sherwin Williams Seakiss. Here’s the before of the inside:

No matter what I do, the door keeps getting grimy, so my hope is that the new paint also repels grime. Either way, I’m so in love with this blue color. It just makes me smile to look at that happy door. It almost makes up for the glaring bright green on the other side! I kid, I kid. But seriously, it’s so green though. But that’s marriage isn’t it? We compromise for the people we love. And with that, I give you the lovely blue interior front door. Isn’t it so pretty?

Have you ever painted the interior of your front door? Have you ever compromised on paint color to make your partner happy? I’d love to hear your experiences in the comments!