The Guestbook Project

Carrie : Are you sure you can leave the Guest Book unattended?
Miranda : Its a bullshit job, Carrie. People know what to do with the guestbook. –Sex and the City

I’m working on a little project for my guestbook. It’s going to be a guestbook/scrapbook. I know you can order these online, but a. they were expensive and b. they weren’t exactly what I wanted. So I went out and bought this sketchbook: Continue reading The Guestbook Project

Post it Note Tuesday-My First Notes

Carrie: Oh uh, Berger broke up with me on a post-it.
Miranda: On a post-it?
Carrie: Uh huh. Uh huh. Yep. Read it and weep my friends.
Samantha: (Reading the post-it) “I’m sorry, I can’t. Don’t hate me.” The motherfucker’s consise. –Sex and the City

Found this adorable blog prompt idea, and I absolutely love it. Britt, it made me think of you and your notes!

So here goes, my first notes. I may do this weekly, or just every time the urge to post it strikes me. 🙂

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Moving and Midterms

Miranda : Twenty dollars for a hamburger. Oh, that’s reasonable.
Samantha : Pathetic! When I moved to this neighborhood, the only thing that cost twenty dollars was a hand job from a tranny. –Sex and the City

Moving is such hard freaking work. I’m still way too frugal to hire movers or a cleaning company for the old place, so there is so much work involved. This move in particular was tough because it was just the two of us. For some strange reason, we didn’t call any of our friends. I helped Match with everything, including our couch! Have I mentioned I’m a whopping 5 feet tall? This was insane! But we did it, and besides our dining room table, we’re done moving stuff. Continue reading Moving and Midterms

SPT- Bringing the Indoors Outdoors For Summer

Samantha: [At a BBQ] Who wants a weiner?
Transexual: Girl, I’m trying to get rid of one! –Sex and the City

Match and I have done a good job of this living vicariously through his parents. We’ve managed to have weekend meals up there almost every weekend these past few weeks, and we always sit outside. img_5022

(when I posted this pic on Facebook, Drama Chick pointed out that the weenies were very large, haha. I hadn’t even realized!)

Just wait till they get their new lounge chairs. They will have to pry me out and drag me to the car kicking and screaming. 😉 I can’t wait till we get our own house and we can start picking out our very own patio furniture. Till then, I’m happy to steal theirs.