TTUT-Piglet’s Baby Shower

Jerry: Explain to me how this baby shower thing works.
Elaine: What do you wanna know?
Jerry: Well, I mean, does it ever erupt into a drunken orgy of violence?
Elaine: Rarely. -Seinfeld

with Impulsive Addict and Seriously Shawn

I can’t believe I only posted once last week. It’s been such a busy past few days, prepping the house and getting everything ready. It took me a full day to recoop from the baby shower. It was such an awesome day. I felt so loved and so blessed to have such amazing family and friends there to celebrate our little guy. Prepare for picture overload! Tahoe Girl brought her nice digital SLR and spent the day being my photographer. My hostess, Geeky, outdid herself with the decorations.

owl baby shower:









owl theme baby shower:

My beautiful hostess Geeky! She did such a great job. Everyone had fun with the games, and she kept things running smoothly. She’s a pro!

owl baby shower:

Tomboy showed up as a complete surprise. She’s currently in graduate school in Oregon, and she had just visited us the week before. I didn’t even know she was still in the state. It was such a great surprise!


Chandler’s Older Bro’s Wife and I, showcasing our baby bumps. I still can’t get over the fact that she’s due just 28 days after me, also with a boy!ย The next generation of The Group in the making!


Just a few of The Group ladies. Tomboy, OB Wife, me and Tahoe Girl

onesie decorating:

I loved the onesie decorating station. If I hadn’t been so busy socializing, I would have made one myself. Hopefully I get a chance before Piglet arrives. My guests had great senses of humor while decorating these!


About to open gifts, after I stuff my face with this cupcake.


This was part of the crib bedding set. The bumper is actually going to line the window seat in the nursery, not the crib, since it’s not that safe. I can’t wait to put it all up. Stay tuned for a nursery reveal in a few weeks!


Me and my MIL. If you look closely, the onesie says “I Was Worth the Wait” and it made me bawl. As you all know, this little guy has been a long time coming. It was a very sweet gift. She also got us our digital monitor (score!) because she knows how nervous we’re going to be as new parents. But the best gift? That would have to be an audio book that she recorded, along with my FIL of them reading Good Night Moon to Piglet. There was not one dry eye in the room when I opened that one.


I know it’s a terrible picture of me, but it captured the moment. When I showed it to Match, he started crying too. Such an awesome gift. Now I need to see if my parents can send one too, so he can listen to both sets of grandparents reading to him!


I had to share this picture because I love the look on my face. I think Piglet kicked really hard when that picture was taken, and I thought I was going to pee myself!


Finally resting my poor swollen tootsies, and visiting with Mrs. Makeup. It was so sweet of her to make the drive! I love that we’ve been friends our entire lives pretty much. I’ve known her since kindergarten. Hard to believe we’re both mommies now!


Good Girl brought one of the twins, and he was having all kinds of fun.


Thanking Geeky for doing such a great job. It really was the best day!


ย Me at the end of the day. I was exhausted but so happy. What a perfect way to celebrate our rainbow baby. I felt so much love, and there were a few times throughout the day that I could feel Roo’s presence with me. I like to think that she was happy too.

Friday Confessional-Match’s Graduation!

George: Have you ever seen Elaine dance?

Jerry: Elaine danced?!

George: It’s more like a full-body dry heave set to music.-Seinfeld


I confess…

That I had trouble sleeping last night because I was so excited for Match. I felt like a kid the night before a trip to Disneyland. I’m too excited to sleep! Remember that adorable commercial?

I confess…

That I think it’s ridiculous that Match graduates on April Fool’s Day. I can’t help thinking in the back of my mind that the Sheriff Department is going to grab back his badge and yell “April Fool’s” and everyone will laugh.

I confess…

That my tarantula legs are finally smooth as butter. All ready for my day of dressing up. I’m wearing not one cute dress, but TWO! I just hope my hair and makeup cooperates for pictures.

I confess…

That this graduation was a long time coming. Match has been through so many ups and downs with jobs in the past. This career is finally something that he loves.

I confess…

That I can’t wait to strut my stuff on the dance floor with Sassy Girl and Good Girl. Even though I’ll probably look like Elaine from Seinfeld on the dance floor I’m still excited.

I confess…

That I have never been more attracted, proud or in love with my husband, except maybe on our wedding day. 6 months of being yelled at by RTOs, writing papers every night, doing countless pushups, pullups, supermans (combo of pushups, situps and jumping jacks, ugh!), stressing out, crazy high stress scenarios, gun shooting, testing, did I mention the pushups?

He has lost weight, gained confidence, lost confidence when he failed at test, and then gained it right back when he passed the retake with flying colors. He has made not friends but brothers and sisters with his co-recruits, memorized 10 codes, laws, passed rigorous tests, and still made time for me and our relationship. He is amazing. And I could not be more proud of him and that fact that he is my deputy, my husband, my Match.

Dancing and the Tiny Body Guard

George: Have you ever seen Elaine dance?
Jerry: Elaine danced?!
George: It’s more like a full-body dry heave set to music.

Saturday night I was all prepared for a boring and lonely night in. Match was getting ready for work and I was browsing through Facebook. Geeky was on her way to Costa Rica with her man (lucky, lucky girl) and Chandler was busy with studying for finals. I figured I’d spend the night watching bad TV and surfing the net when I noticed Firefighter Chic’s status update that she was officially done with Fire Academy. I decided to be bold and ask her if she wanted to go out for drinks to celebrate.

I was nervous because I’ve only hung out with her around Geeky, and only a handful of times. She wrote back that she was going out with some girls and that I was welcome to join them. Like an awkward preteen invited to the cool kids table I got all excited and nervous at the same time. Match wished me luck on his way out the door to work and told me not to flirt with too many boys while I was out. ๐Ÿ˜‰

When I got to the bar, Firefighter Chic was there with Stylist Girl (she’s a hair and makeup artist who I asked to doll me up for my wedding) as well as a table full of girls I didn’t know. I was a little intimidated but I decided to just dive in. I have to say I’m getting a lot better at this girl interaction thing. I’ve been working out more and I’m getting back my confidence in my appearance. I wasn’t quite as dolled up as the rest of the girls, but I didn’t look out of place either. I ordered a vodka tonic and asked if I could buy Firefighter Chic a drink to celebrate her achievement and she gladly accepted. After that it was smooth sailing. FF Chic thanked me for coming out and even gave me a big hug.

We bar hopped and eventually settled at the same bar Geeky and I had danced all night at last month. Once again the DJ was mixing so Stylist, Firefighter Chic and I beelined for the dance floor. I love dancing, but what is it about men and dancing? I mean, take perfectly professional businessmen with their fancy briefcases and get them in a room with ladies and a DJ and they become complete cavemen! Whatever happened to asking a lady if she wanted to dance?! Instead they either a) grind up on you in a pushing and completely violating way or b) do what I like to call the sneaky creeper approach. These men slowly creep up on the blissfully unaware dancing queen and just when she thinks she’s safe, starts attacking her with his gyrating pelvis. Ack!

We didn’t get bothered too much I’m happy to say. I think most of that we can thank a couple of funny guys, who I like to put in the goofball category. I’m so grateful for men like these two. They’re the type that may be a little portly, or kind of dorky and don’t have much of a chance of winning a girl over by being suave. So instead, they use that dorkiness to their advantage. As Stylist and I were dancing, a couple of these goofballs came over and challenged us to a dance off. It was hilarious!! One of them broke into a riverdance, which I quickly challenged with the cabbage patch. Then his friend fired back with the sprinkler, and so on. We were cracking up and it was so much more fun than fighting off the creepsters.

We did however run into one creeper who just wouldn’t get the message. It was an ex of Stylist’s from high school. He was disgusting! He kept coming up to her and trying to whisper in her ear and get all cuddly. I asked her if he was bothering her and she said yes. So I took it upon myself to be her bodyguard. Any time the guy approached, I’d walk up and dance between them like a total clown. I even danced all over him in a joking manner. When that didn’t work I just started waving at him and saying, “Buh-bye!!” Even though he was annoyed he couldn’t help but laugh at my antics. I mean who can resist a 5ft girl attempting to be protective of a girl at least 5 inches taller than her? She cracked up and said, “You’re tiny, but you’re aggressive! You can be my bodyguard any time!”

When’s the last time you went out dancing? Did you get hit on by creepsters? What’s your tactic to get them to leave you alone?

And the Winner Is…

George: [as the plane is about to crash] Jerry! Can you hear me?!
Jerry: Yeah.
George: There’s something I have to tell you!
Jerry: What is it?
George: I cheated in the contest!
Jerry: What?!
George: The contest! I cheated!
Jerry: What?! Why?!
George: Because I’m a cheater! I had to tell you.
Jerry: Great! I won! –Seinfeld

The winner of $25 in my first giveaway is Lindsay at Crafty Chic Mommy for her caption:

Superman I know it’s you, unveil yourself! Thank you to everyone that participated in my first giveaway! I let Match decide, and he cracked up at your captions, but thought the idea of him being Superman was just too appealing. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Merry Christmas everyone!!

He Made Me Feel Like a Winner

Roxanne: The marathon is great, isn’t it?
Jerry: Yes, particularly if you’re not in it. –Seinfeld

Yesterday was the big day-my half marathon. Match couldn’t be there because of the academy ๐Ÿ™ and Reality Check had bailed on me early on, so it was just me driving out to the city. I was nervous and jittery all weekend, and had an added stress of car issues right before my trip. I guess I had worn the brakes down pretty bad on my car, due to all the hard drives for work; the hour long commuting I do daily, the trips to San Francisco, and the most recent trip to Tahoe really did a number on them. So almost $800 later, I picked up my car and headed to San Francisco. Needless to say, my spirits were pretty down. Knowing that I wasn’t going to have anyone to hug me after crossing that finish line didn’t help. I was starting to really throw myself a pity party, but then I talked to Match and he made me feel better. Still, it was hard to get to sleep the night before the race.

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