Show Us Your Find-Mirror Frame

Carla: J.D., you have to get out! This place is tiny and I’m sick of seeing your man-panties hanging all over the bathroom.
J.D.: They’re called boxers, Carla.
Carla: They’re satin, J.D.
J.D.: With a breathable cotton crotch panel. [voiceover] King me!-Scrubs

I have three huge 1980s mirrors in my house that overwhelm the space. I’ve been searching for what to do about them, and found several different tutorials on Pinterest for framing your bathroom mirror.  Each pinner did things a little differently, and I took advice from each one. I followed this tutorial, and this one, and gleaned wisdom from each.

I purchased my boards at Home Depot, and found the cheapest baseboards I could find. Then my sweet hubby cut them at an angle for me, because my brain can’t compute angles. I followed one blogger’s advice and made sure to paint both sides of my boards, because they do show up in the reflection of the mirror.

I put my frame together at first, and tried to leave it overnight. However, I didn’t use enough liquid nails, and it fell apart. At that point I decided it would be easier to just put the frame together on the mirror, and that worked a lot better for me.

I had to use painter’s tape to hold the mirror in place overnight.



I’m so in love with the look. What do you think?

PS I also hung up those blinds, by myself! I know it seems minor but I was very proud of myself.

This project only cost me $12 for the boards, and I think $2 for the liquid nails, which I have tons leftover for the next project. I already had the paint on hand, so for $14 I have this gorgeous frame. I can’t wait to tackle the other two mirrors!

I can officially say the downstairs bathroom is DONE. It’s a great feeling!

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Show Us Your Find-Felt Animals

[to his girlfriend Lady] I think it’s time you learned the real me. Here we go. I’m not… like normal people. I don’t have superpowers, but I’m working on it. For instance, watch me move this pen. [stares at pen; it doesn’t move] It worked at home. I don’t know. Maybe my table’s slanted. Uh, anyway. Um, in my spare time, I also enjoy stuffing animals. Usually with other animals. For instance, a badger will hold five squirrels. A squirrel will hold most of a cat. A mouse will hold a shrew and a vole. You get it… the circle of life. I have broken the sound barrier, but you must never ask me how. I don’t believe in the moon. I think it’s just the back of the sun.-The Janitor, Scrubs

I haven’t actually done this yet, but I wanted to share it with you anyways. I’m stuck on this couch for the foreseeable future, so I thought I’d start up another sewing project. I’ve been wanting to sew animals to hang in Roo’s nursery tree. I found these patterns on etsy, and I am going to take a stab at it.

I’m still a complete beginner when it comes to sewing, so we’ll see how these turn out. Hopefully they’ll look like cuddly woodland creatures and not scary badly sewn nightmare animals. That’d just be cruel to hang in a baby room dontcha think?

Match’s 28th Birthday Party

Turk: I’m not telling Isabella she’s got a vagina until she’s 18!
Kim: That’s gonna be an awkward birthday party.
Turk: Do not tell my daughter she has a vagina! I’m serious! [Points threateningly at Elliot, J.D. and Kim] Hm? Hm?! Hmmm?!?
J.D.: It may have already come up. –Scrubs

We had a nice mellow birthday party for Match’s 28th birthday.

We invited a bunch of Match’s coworkers and everyone got along great. I finally got a chance to meet the girl Deputy that Walking Couple and the other deputy wife were so worked up about. It was just like we all suspected, this Lady Deputy was absolutely harmless! She was sweet and funny, and she brought along her boyfriend, whom she’s been with for years. I didn’t feel threatened by her in the slightest.

I can’t say the same for the other deputy wife, Miss Insecure. She showed up dressed to the nines. She was completely over the top dressed up for a casual house party. I was pretty sure it was all for Lady Deputy, to make sure she knew what was up. She threw her daggers all night with her eyes, and huddled in the corner at one point with Walking Buddy gossiping. Sassy and I just rolled our eyes and ignored the whole thing. After Miss Insecure and her hubby left, the party was a lot more fun. Walking Buddy relaxed and had a great time.

Neighbor Girl made a rare appearance. I haven’t seen her since our housewarming party, even though they live just 6 minutes away. I hadn’t told her about Roo yet, so I made this big deal of wanting to take her on a house tour and show her all the updates we’ve done. I brought her into the nursery and pointed out the baby socks and framed ultrasound photo. She got really excited and then said, “Guess what? I’m pregnant too!” Not only is she preggers, but we’re about a week apart! What are the odds? We were both so excited to have someone else going through the exact same stages of pregnancy. She apologized for being MIA but after finding out she was afraid to hang out for fear of telling me too early. I know that feeling all too well.

All in all it was a great, relaxed night with good friends. I can’t wait to get together with everyone again.

My Random Job History

Janitor: [eating soup with a fork] Fork! Me can’t eat soup! Rawrr!

J.D.: I don’t think you’re stupid; your job requires a lot of know-how. I mean, it’s not like you’re ladling out sloppy joes.

[notices the cafeteria worker in front of him holding a ladle of sloppy joe]

J.D. : You know, my-my uncle was a joer. –Scrubs


My unemployed status has had me thinking back on all of the jobs I used to have. I don’t know think I’ve ever mentioned them to you all before. Did you know I used to work at a Veterinary office? I was a level 1 vet tech. I got to hold animals while we gave them shots and prepped them for surgery or took their blood. I got to cuddle puppies after they got their puppy vaccines. I developed xrays, and cleaned cages. I also got to wear fun scrub sets.  I think besides the adorable animals, I miss that our animal hospit al uniforms were basically pajamas. They were so comfortable! I don’t think I could ever go back to working at a vet office, despite the comfy uniform. I would come home crying when we had to put down someone’s beloved pet and it would stay with me. I also worked with an entire office of women in high stress situations. Translation-bitchfest 24-7. Ugh.

Another interesting job I had was working at Marine World. Have you ever been there? It’s like a dinky version of Sea World. I stood in front of the walrus exhibit and gave speeches about them. I also had animal artifacts that kids could touch and feel and I would tell them fun facts about animals. If the job hadn’t just been a summer temp thing or the fact that it only paid minimum wage, I probably would have kept it for a long time. I love telling kids about animals. If I do decide to pursue a teaching career, I think it would be a lot of fun to teach kids about the life sciences.

I have also worked at a wine testing lab (not nearly as fun as it sounds, no I didn’t get to drink the wine), the computer help desk at my college, Bath and Body Works (where I always had a headache but I smelled AMAZING), a Kayak shop selling kayaks even though I’ve never been kayaking in my life, a waitress and dish washer, and a dog kennel where my job was to scoop poop and play with dogs all day. I think the dog kennel was my favorite. It was hard work at times, but then we’d get a puppy boarder and the day would get a whole lot better.

What are some random jobs you’ve had? Anything memorable?


PJs, Sleepover and Pizza Night

J.D. I don’t want to do this! Can’t we just go home and put our PJ’s on and watch Grey’s Anatomy? -Elliot, Scrubs

New Year’s Day was our Christmas with Match’s parents. It was the first time the four of us had a chance to celebrate our engagement. I happened to luck out big time with the present I got Match’s mom too. I created one of those Mix Books and made a scrapbook for Match’s mom full of family pictures I’d taken over the past year. I started with my first Christmas with the family and ended it with Thanksgiving. I had no idea at the time that I would be a part of the family until after I’d made the album. After we got engaged I had time to open up the book and write a little message to Match’s mom on the inside cover. Here’s what it said: Continue reading PJs, Sleepover and Pizza Night