The Coop and a Rooster Called Dotty

I’m so behind on my posts! Did I mention we finally finished our chicken coop? I’m so proud of Match and all the work he did to make the chicken coop, aka Chicken mansion. He did a wonderful job, and of course I did help quite a bit, but he was the mastermind of the whole endeavor. I love the Sherwin Williams School Boy Blue color we went with for the coop. I need to add a sign and we are hoping to add a chicken swing and some other whimsical touches in the future.

Some sad news: our favorite chicken, Dotty, turned out to be a rooster. Match was in complete denial and insisted on keeping him for awhile, but that adolescent crow became louder and louder. We were able to rehome him to a family that will not cook him, but instead give him a harem of 9 chickens to watch over. We miss him, but we’re glad to not be public enemy #1, waking the neighborhood up at 5am anymore!

So long Dotty. You were a great chicken, and we will miss you!