Our First New Year’s Eve

Ross: I am going to make myself happy.
Chandler: Do you want us to leave the room?
Ross: I am going to do one thing that I have never done before. That, my friends, is my New Year’s resolution.
Phoebe: Ohh… that’s a good one. Mine is to pilot a commercial jet.
Chandler: That’s a good one too, Pheebs. Now all you have to find is a planeload of people whose New Year’s resolution is to plummet to their deaths. –Friends

Happy New Year! Hope everyone had a fun New Year’s eve. Like I wrote before, Match and I were really sick, and unfortunately I got worse instead of better as the night progressed. We met up with Baker Chic and LAX and a few of their friends (who were unbelievably boring, even to a girl with a cold!) and tried to act lively. By 10, I was sneezing and sniffling uncontrollably and my eyes were all swollen and red, so we headed home. Continue reading Our First New Year’s Eve