Project 52 Update Week 28: Fear the Beard, Not the Blood

Tommy: [After they donated blood] I just feel really light headed. You don’t have anymore juice, do ya?
Johnny: You almost fell getting off the table, you pussy.
Tommy: I got up too fast, okay? And you should watch your language in front of the house of God. Back me up on that.
Father Murphy: He’s right.
Johnny: Sorry.
Tommy: Yeah, asshole. –Rescue Me

On Friday I crossed off #48 on my Project 52 list: donate blood. My town was having a memorial blood drive for a Sergeant who had died of Non Hodgkins Lymphoma. He was only 37 years old and the father of two. His wife was there donating too. They held the blood drive at City Hall and the place was hopping. It made my heart happy to see so many people come out to show their support and give blood.

I asked my nurse to take a picture of me donating, and explained that I was a blogger. She wasn’t that fun and didn’t seem at all amused, but she did it.

I did meet some very friendly people while I was waiting for my turn. I kept flashing them thumbs up while I was having my blood drawn. I’m such a dork.

The teeshirts they were giving out were so cool. I’m a Giants fan and they had a whole Giants theme going. Isn’t it awesome?

Don’t mind me looking all disheveled. I walked the 10 minute walk back home and felt a little bit light headed. I plopped down on the couch and proceeded to milk it for all it was worth, making Match get up and fetch me things and making a nice little butt imprint in the couch.

Unfortunately I didn’t heed the warning about not drinking alcohol within 48 hours of giving blood. I overindulged at Monica & Chandler’s going away party and let’s just say it wasn’t pretty. But more on that in another post.

Easter and the Carrot Cake

Maggie: I got you a present.
Sean: [looks in the bag] Two avocados?
Maggie: Yeah, well, I was tryin’ to come up with a peace offering, so I thought I’d bake you a cake or something only I don’t know how to cook or any of that sh!t, so I thought I’d go to the store and buy you a cake only they’re too expensive and I can’t go to my bakery because I told the guy that his cannolis tasted like cat piss. So I got the avocados, I think they’re ripe. –Rescue Me

Last night Match and I spent Easter dinner with the future in-laws. I made my first ever carrot cake for in honor of the bunny holiday. I was nervous because it was my first carrot cake, and also the first thing I’ve baked for the in-laws. Match’s dad is an amazing chef so I was worried he wouldn’t like it.
It turned out absolutely delicious; however my grandiose plans of making a beautifully decorated cake turned out…differently. Continue reading Easter and the Carrot Cake

Couples Pleasure Party

Teresa: Oh, wait. There’s just one more thing. I’m gonna need to get my handcuffs, and my whip and my leather lingerie back. Also, the box of edible panties would be great.
Lou: I um… I ate all the edible panties.
Teresa: You ate the panties… Great. [walks off]
Franco: Chocolate flavored?
Lou: Yeah, and vanilla and strawberry. I had a Neapolitan thing goin’. –Rescue Me

I went for a walk today with Couple Wife, and we discussed plans for Couple Hubby’s birthday party next month. CW is throwing CH a very unique party: it’s going to be a Couples Pleasure/Pajama Party. We’re going to have drinks, vibrators and other sexy and scandalous products to giggle about, and the kicker: lingerie. It’s pretty much every guys fantasy. It’s also major motivation to get into shape. I’ve got just over a month to get myself in shape enough to where I’ll look cute in a satin corset and heels for this party. Continue reading Couples Pleasure Party

SPT-Something New

Chief: (seeing Sean and Mike play Scrabble) Look at this: A meeting of the minds and the minds are a no-show.
Tommy: (looking at the Scrabble board) Hmm. “Tag.” “Arm.” “It.” “Go.” That’s great guys.
Laura: Why even bother keepin’ score?
Mike: (placing tiles on the board) F-E-L-L. Read it and weep.
Sean: Oh, shit. How many points? (Sean and Mike just stare at each other, Mike takes a little time to figure it out)
Mike: Eight.                                                                                                    –Rescue Me

This week’s something new came from my sweet Coast Sister, who is always so thoughtful. For no reason at all, she sent me this adorable pendant. It’s a Scrabble tile on one side, and a picture of me and Match on the other.  Do you love how I took these pictures while driving? Eep. img00079img00080

I know Coast Sister is in a lot of my SPTs but it’s because even though she’s far away, she’s a big part of my life. I think one of the reasons our friendship has survivedthe distance and time apart is because of all the little things she does for me. Be it a friendly text, or something bigger, like her thoughtful gifts. Thank you so much for being my sister girl, I love you!!