Match the Housewife/Entreprenuer

Monica: Wow! I had no idea you had this much pride.
Chandler: That’s right! I do! And I’m your man. And I’m going to get us through this situation even if it means you working twice as hard. –Friends

I mentioned a few months ago that Match got a new job. We both thought this would be a big break towards a good career, but as soon as he started he realized it wasn’t for him. His boss was horribly disorganized, had shady business practices, and He started coming home stressed out and upset every night, and would snap at me and just wasn’t himself. So after giving the job two months, and after consulting with me, we agreed that he would be better off focusing on his internship at the firehouse, and starting our cleaning company up again.

Friday was his first day of self employment/housewife duty, and I came home to a clean house, bathed dog (neither of which I asked for!) and these:
thank you flowers
He said the flowers were a thank you for believing in him, and for supporting his decision to quit his job. He said he was sorry for how stressed out he got while working there, and he knew how much it affected me. He said he appreciated that I stood by him and knew that even though he was quitting, he would find a way to contribute and make ends meet.  Wasn’t that sweet? Continue reading Match the Housewife/Entreprenuer