Match and the Graveyard Shift

Cheerleader: I am never gonna be captain again!
Callie: You know, I was… I was fired from a job recently-
Cheerleader: You were fired from being a doctor and they let you cut open my ass?!
Callie: Okay, shut your trap for eight seconds and let me finish. I didn’t get fired from being a doctor, I got fired from being being like, well our version of squad captain. Which is mostly about organizing crap… not about surgery.
Cheerleader: So?
Callie: So, I got to go back to the part that I like… which is kind of a gift. –Grey’s Anatomy

Match started his new job this week, and the good news is we’re both thrilled to have him working again. The bad news is his schedule is completely opposite of mine. He’s working nights and doesn’t come home til I’m already at work. It could be worse-at least this way we do get to eat dinner together and visit a bit before he’s out the door at 10 to make his commute to work, right as I’m getting ready for bed. Continue reading Match and the Graveyard Shift