Project 52 Week 8 Update

Monica: Chandler, I’m unemployed and in dire need of a project. You wanna work out? I can remake you.
Chandler: Oh, you know, I would, but that might get in the way of my lying-around time. –Friends

It’s been awhile since I posted about my Project 52. I haven’t forgotten about it and I am still happily chugging away at the list. There are some items on the list that I won’t be able to cross off until the end of the year because they are things I should be doing weekly. I think these are the most challenging because it’s so easy to slack off.

I always start out so gung ho (what the heck does that phrase even mean) about resolutions or projects, but I tend to lose steam or get sidetracked. This project has helped motivate me because I really want to look back on this year and feel a sense of accomplishment.

Let’s look at the weekly stuff that is on my Project 52 list:

4. Work out at least 3 times a week. I feel like I am still on track with this, but there have been days where I’ve used a very relaxed definition of “work out”. Walking counts people! But I am determined to kick this up even higher as I have Match’s graduation, and then my *gasp* 10 year high school reunion looming. I need to look killer for both. Also, having Match come to bed every night looking like he’s downing hgh supplements is motivating too. I really don’t want to be the kind of wife that sparks strangers to wonder why that guy is “settling” for that dumpy girl. You know what I’m saying? I’ve managed to go running twice this week and I’m sore sore sore in that satisfyingly good way.

19. Try one new recipe a month. This one has been easy and I’ve been having a lot of fun with it. The trouble is it’s not helping me much with the results I want to see from completing #4. I really need to be trying healthy recipes. I should have been more clear.

27. Go to sushi once per month or less. Done and done. It’s been ages since we’ve been to sushi, and while I’m craving it like mad, I’m staying strong. And our pocketbook is a little fuller because of it.

35. Brush the dogs teeth at least once a week. Yeah…definitely failing on this one. I did brush them 2 weeks ago though.

36. Trim the dog’s nails once a week. I’ve been managing to remember this! The clickity clack on the wood floors helps as a reminder too.

38. Comment on at least one new blog per month. I think I’ve managed to do this with the help of the Sits girls. I need to comment more though.

39. Comment on my favorite blogs once a week. I need to be better about this. There are some of you I have not been checking in with as much. I promise to reconnect!

Are you participating in Project 52? Are you making progress?

Project 52

[giving himself a pep talk in the mirror before his run] This is going to be your best run yet. You are going to accomplish all of your goals. [monotone] You are a robot sent from the future to win the Marathon. You are Marshall…You are Marshall….You are Marshall!…Yeaaaahhh!!!. -Marshall, How I Met Your Mother

I’m participating in Project 52. It’s a list of 52 goals I’d like to complete in 2011. There are 52 weeks in the year, hence the 52. If you want to participate, grab the badge from Karen’s World. Wish me luck!

    1. Finish and order Mixbook scrapbook for 2010
    2. Finish wedding slideshow project
    3. Update scrapbook for 2011 every month so it’s ready by next January
    4. Workout at least 3 times a week (done pretty good on this one, if you count walking)
    5. Take a mini honeymoon w/Match, even if it’s somewhere close by
    6. Learn the 10 codes so I can understand Match and his Law Enforcement friends
    7. Go to the shooting range and shoot a handgun
    8. Write a quality guest post for someone’s blog
    9. Get at least 100 readers (82 so far)
    10. Organize our closet and add shelves
    11. Organize the garage
    12. Buy a new backup hard drive to back up all our pictures
    13. Explore our new town and county
    14. Take a CPR class
    15. Take a cooking class
    16. Walk on the Golden Gate Bridge
    17. Find new ways to make money online
    18. Work towards freelance writing career (working on it!)
    19. Try 1 new recipe a month (12 of 12)
    20. Have dinner in the city with Match
    21. Go to the drive-in movie theater
    22. Learn to sew a button onto my pea coat
    23. Stain dog toy basket a darker color
    24. Repair broken desk drawers
    25. Take wedding ring to be redipped.
    26. Make my favorite Vietnamese dishes (this could save us $ if it’s good!)
    27. Only go to sushi once per month or less
    28. Learn how to iron Match’s work shirts for him
    29. Pay down our debt (pay off credit cards, pay down car (paid off a good chunk and refinanced for a lower interest rate on the car!)
    30. Set aside an emergency fund (at least $1000)
    31. Go camping with Match
    32. Buy a house
    33. Read I Love a Cop
    34. Replace old pictures in photo frames with new ones
    35. Brush the dog’s teeth at least once a week (I’m averaging once a month)
    36. Trim the dog’s nails once a week (every 2 weeks…)
    37. Walk the dog more
    38. Comment on at least one new blog per month (not sure if I did this every month)
    39. Comment on all of my favorite blogs at least once a week (I think I did this most weeks)
    40. Paint a picture
    41. Go ice skating
    42. Visit the Zoo
    43. Don’t buy things unless I really need them
    44. When I have to buy something shop around so I can get the Best Buy I possibly can.
    45. Make homemade ice cream
    46. Take a boat ride in San Francisco on Stow Lake
    47. Swap our bedroom and the office
    48. Donate blood
    49. Read 12 new books (read 12/12)
    50. Volunteer somewhere
    51. Sing a song I’ve never sung before at a new karaoke bar
    52. Host a cocktail party