Walking…err Waddling for Exercise

Last week my Dr. cleared me for exercise, and said I can even hit the gym again if I want. I haven’t been able to work up the nerve, so instead I’ve been doing a lot of walking in my comfy womens new balance walking shoes . I’m not quite at the waddle stage yet, but I’m hoping if I can keep walking, I can walk til I waddle into my 3rd trimester. I know walking is so good for pregnant women, and I know it makes me feel better when I start to get achy. I do miss the gym, but I’m afraid I’ll start cramping or having issues and I’ll be all embarrassed. Or worse, something bad could happen and land me back on rest. So I think I’ll take it easy and just waddle around with my trusty pup at my side. πŸ™‚ I can only hope to look half as cute as Sookie while I’m walking! paquin-dog-walk-01

15 Weeks and My First Progesterone Shot

I feel it, men! The hormonal balance in the house has shifted. And men are victorious! Come men, let us retire to the living room where we will watch The Three Stooges and we shall scratch ourselves. -Dan, Roseanne


  • This Sunday I will be officially 4 months pregnant! I’m anxious to get through this month and into the 5th month. It’s going to bring up a lot of fears and anxiety, because that’s the month we lost our Roo, but I’m determined to face it with a positive attitude.
  • The checkup with the specialist today went great. Piglet is growing right on schedule and the Dr. was very pleased with progress. He’s monitoring my cervical length just to be on the safe side, but so far it’s looking nice and long. Let’s hope it stays that way so I can stay off bed rest!
  • The Doc even said it was ok for me to return to the gym, so long as I take it really easy. If I do decide to go, I plan to just plant myself on the elliptical and watch tv while I glide along. I just want to stay healthy, I’m not looking to do anything too strenuous.
  • He also confirmed that Piglet is a boy, “without a doubt” as he put it. We were pretty convinced before, but it was great getting that second opinion. I can’t wait to tell the family at Christmas!
  • I did have one case of morning sickness so far this trimester where I threw up, and one more day where I felt nauseated. Both times were after eating cream of wheat, so I think it’s safe to say Piglet is not a fan of the hot cereal. Otherwise I’ve been very lucky with the nausea.
  • I’ve been enjoying walking and being a normal pregnant lady. I still have my moments where I get really nervous-the night before each appointment is a sleepless one.
  • I had my first shot of progesterone today. It didn’t too much at first, but as I walking to my car it started to sting. My hip is still a little sore. I get to look forward to those once a week! But I will take it for the peace of mind it gives me.
  • Still feeling those little flutters, but so ready for the full blown kicks. I never got to feel those with Roo, and I’m really excited to have that experience.


2012 Review Extravaganza-Week 1

Locke: I heard you have lost your wedding ring.
Sun: Yes. I have been looking for it everywhere.
Locke: You know, I have once lost something valuable to me. Luckily, I found it later.
Sun: How?
Locke: By finding it the way everything gets found.
Sun: (Staring at Locke)
Locke: I stopped looking. -Lost

It’s the kickoff to the Review Extravaganza! Link up your posts so we can look back on the beginning of this year. Make sure you grab the button (just copy the code beneath the box) for your post. Β Don’t forget to visit my wonderful co-hosts (just click on their names) Lourie-CA Girl; MiMi-Living in France; Nicole-Life’s a Beach; Emmy Mommy; Janette-Johanson Journey.
For a reminder of the rules and all of the fabulous prizes, go HERE. This week we are reviewing January, February and March.

I have to say, reviewing this year is very difficult for me, as I’m sure many of you know. But mixed in with the sorrow, there has been so much to be thankful for. It’s been a year of both ultimate sadness, and uplifting joy, and a roller coaster of emotions I didn’t think were possible to happen all within the span of one year.


January was full of home improvement projects to our new home. We updated the lighting and the master bathroom.

We also went on an amazing overnight trip to Tahoe’s Squaw Valley

and Geeky and I got lost in the woods on a hike.

We announced to you, my lovely readers, that we were expecting our first baby, Roo.


We shared the news of Roo with our friends.

I made a huge To Do List for 2012, and I’m happy to say I actually crossed quite a few items off of it! We celebrated Match’s 28th birthday and then he lost his wedding ring on Valentine’s Day. I participated in my first blog swap and scored big time with really cool gifties.

I celebrated my 12 week milestone, and we painted the nursery tree.
I also battled with spotting and pelvic rest.


We had a wonderful visit with my family in Ashland. It was the one time everyone got to see my bump with Roo, and I will always cherish those memories.

Match passed out and scared the bejeesus out of me. I made some progress on the to do list, including updating the downstairs half bath and painting the kitchen hinges.
I reached 16 weeks, and was dealing with a very overactive bladder.

Overall January-March were some of the happier times this year, and I will cherish those blissful moments of innocence, before our world fell out from under us. What happened to you in the first part of the year? Catch me up! And don’t forget to link up next week with April, May and June recaps.

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13 Weeks and an NT Scan Do-Over

[Marshall has given Barney a card where the gender of his and Lily’s baby is written. Robin sees it too]
Marshall: [seeing them giggle] This may have been a mistake.
Barney: [looks at Marshall] Boy…do I like babies!
Robin: Girl…friend, your hair looks fantastic!
Barney: Twins…was the feel-good movie of 1988. -How I Met Your Mother

I’m officially in my second trimester, hooray! First milestone down. I have to say, Piglet and I pretty much rocked the first tri. I managed not to do more than dry heave, and what little nausea I had has been replaced with a voracious appetite. Things started off scary with all the early bleeding, but that all feels like a distant memory now.

I don’t know if I mentioned this before or not, but last week we were scheduled to have our Nuchal Translucency scan. They’re typically done between 11-13 weeks, and it’s to check for certain birth defects. But the reason we get the scan is because it’s an extra long ultrasound where you get to see detailed pictures of the baby, and it’s so much fun to watch.
Unfortunately, when we went in last Monday, the tech told us that the baby was measuring too small to do the scan. Needless to say that freaked me out and I was practically in tears by the time the doctor came to talk to us. He reassured me and explained that it’s perfectly normal for babies to grow at different rates, and that it was possible they dated me wrong at the beginning. Still-unnecessary stress that we both just didn’t need.

So we went back today for a repeat exam and a long look in my laboratory oven aka my uterus. Piglet was dancing around and throwing jabs and kicks, just showing off for us. We were amazed by how much Piglet had grown! It was incredible! Not only was the baby no longer measuring a week behind, but Piglet was actually ahead of the game by a few days, measuring at 14 weeks! Woohoo! We’re so glad we had to come back in, because the images were so much clearer. We could even see all of Piglet’s little fingers!

And, icing on the cake of this awesome visit: Piglet has very low risk of any birth defects, everything looks great, and the tech was able to get a peek at the gender! We are still waiting to confirm with another visit when I’m further along, but it was pretty obvious, even to us. And Piglet was not shy about showing off either!! πŸ˜‰ I gasped out loud when I saw, and Match couldn’t believe his eyes. I’m not going to come out and say it, because we’re still waiting to make sure, since it is so early. But the tech seemed pretty convinced, and so were we. What do you guys think? πŸ™‚

My Husband is Pregnant

[Quinn pores over Barney’s prenup and notices a certain provision]
Quinn: I have to pay 2,000 dollars every time I gain a pound?!
Barney: Not every time. Just if it shows up at the weekly weigh-in. -How I Met Your Mother

One of our deputy friends Shift Buddy and his wife are expecting their third child. I may have mentioned that when she first announced her pregnancy it was really hard for me. Now that I’m pregnant with my rainbow, it is a little bit easier being around her.We had them over for dessert the other day-smores around our firepit.

Shift Wife and I were joking around about how our husbands are the pregnant ones. They both have had increased appetites since finding our we’re pregnant. It cracks me up!

Here’s Match enjoying some frozen yogurt by the fire. Dessert has been a hot topic in our household lately. πŸ™‚

I even decided to start taking belly photos of Match to see if he develops a bump right along with me. I have to be honest-I wouldn’t mind if he did! Then we could work off the weight together in the end. It’s true what they say about second babies-this bump is growing FAST. I don’t look pregnant so much as I look like I gained a beer belly in a month. πŸ˜‰

How many of you had husbands who were pregnant right along with you?