Talk to Us Tuesday-Of Mice and a Potluck

Jay: What does that look like to you?
Michael: I’ll say it’s chocolate-covered raisins.
Jay: No, it looks like mouse droppings.
Michael: There’s only one way to find out. Junior, come taste one of these. –My Wife and Kids

 with Impulsive Addict and Seriously Shawn.

  • We had a great time at our potluck on Sunday. In the middle of my cleaning frenzy on Saturday, I noticed to my horror that there were mice droppings under our kitchen sink. So we ran to the store and got a couple of no kill traps.
  • Sunday morning, we checked the traps first thing. And we caught the little bugger!

  • Match was thrilled at his trapping skills. You would think he put on his Suplay wrestling shoes and wrestled a bear, the way he was bragging. 😉 I was just excited to get the little guy out of our house.
  • We walked across to the park to let him go in the grass. I got the bright idea to film it, so we could see what kind of mouse it was. I thought I could handle it. Turns out I’m quite the chicken. Here’s my awesome footage.
  • The potluck was a success! Match helped me out in the kitchen by making this watermelon pig. Isn’t it adorable?

  • Monkey dressed up for the occasion

  • The kids had fun running around the house. Mrs. Makeup’s daughter got a kick out of the stairs.

  • She’s the first little one to ever hang out in the nursery. It made my heart happy to see her on the window seat. Someday our little one will sit there.

  • Even though it was hot outside, most of our guests preferred to hang out on the patio and the washers game was a huge hit!

  • We had a great time, and we were left with a lot of yummy leftovers. I can’t wait to host another backyard party. Hopefully we’ll have more projects done around the house by then.

Summer Party Ideas

Harold: I say we crash Rhonda’s party and eat all her food!
Kids: YEAH!!! -Hey Arnold!

Hello my lovelies! I need some advice. Match and I are hosting a summer bbq/potluck at our house on Sunday. It’s our first party since February, and I want it to be fun.  I always have these beautiful images in my head of what I want a party to look and be like.  I blame it on Pinterest. I mean, who actually has these parties? And why haven’t they invited ME?


I definitely don’t want to spend a lot, but I would love it if my party was more than just another house party. The weather is supposed to be in the upper 90s til the evening, and people will be showing up around 2. I’m afraid we might be stuck inside the whole time! This is making it tough to come up with fun ideas.

Match and I made a homemade washers game we will be playing if it’s cool enough. Don’t you judge my dead grass. I swear, I water it every day, and it still looks like that. 🙁 Stupid heat!

I plan on hanging up a couple of cute summery banners, and setting up the dining room table buffet style.

Banner from A Well Crafted Party 

Garland from the Fickle Felt Tree

I need help with the details. Do I do paper plates since it’ll be easier for clean up? Or do I go “green” and use regular plates and do a lot of dish washing? Do I use glasses or buy plastic?

I do plan on having water bottles that I’m going to try to decorate with either paint or colorful duct tape. We’re also serving beer and juice drinks, so cups might not be necessary.

Any ideas for some fun last minute DIY decoration ideas? I’m also thinking of putting out board games in case we’re all stuck inside. I’m probably putting too much thought into this, but I love a good party that has a little something extra, don’t you?

The Resurrection of Our Social Life

Hold on to your bedsores grandparents from Willy Wonka! -Barney, How I Met Your Mother

Match and I have been in a social rut. Things with us are great, but we realized we’ve been pretty big homebodies. So we dusted off our night clothes and headed out for a drink at the local Irish Pub. We were cracking up before we left because Match said it was getting late, and we looked at the clock, and it wasn’t even 8:30. We are such grandparents.

We opted to walk downtown so we could both drink and save some money on gas, so we set off into the night. As we got closer to downtown, we passed a Filipino transvestite who may have also been a hooker. He/She was wearing a skirt that barely covered his/her ass, and enough makeup for a whole classroom of teenage girls. Ah, California, you gotta love it. Continue reading The Resurrection of Our Social Life