Travel Girl and Playing By the Pool

Rose: How did you know that, Dorothy?

Dorothy: I’m clairvoyant, Rose.

Rose: You’re so lucky. I get into a pool and I sink like a stone. –The Golden Girls

I mentioned in a previous post that Travel Girl, Match’s younger sister, just got home. She’s been living out of the country for the last 7 years, only coming home on random quick vacations to visit. Both Match and I are excited to have her back in the states and we’re hoping she stays long term.

We went to visit her and the in-laws the day after I got back from Oregon. I felt sorry for her because we basically bombarded her just days after her arrival, so she was pretty tired and not much for company. We took pity on her and backed off after our hyper hellos while she wiped the sleep out of her eyes. The weather was gorgeous so the three of us plopped ourselves poolside for the two days we were in town. The first night we were there we got to talking to her parents about the pool. They said they are thinking of putting up one of those safety pool covers to protect their dog as well as future grand babies. No pressure there eh in-laws? 😉 But I do think it’s a good idea, especially since we are helping FIL teach Piddle how to swim.

Check him out, I was so proud of that pup.

He actually did pretty well for his first time out. He’s terrified of the water, but after some coaxing he got in. The fear my MIL has is that he will end up swimming when we aren’t home, and maybe falling when the flimsy cover is on and drowning. It’s a valid fear but I think with the right cover he’ll be just fine. Plus he’s a long way off from getting into the pool by himself. He definitely didn’t love swimming, but he’s getting better at it.

It’s a far cry from my crazy pup who jumps in the pool every chance he gets.

I don’t mind this too much, unless we’ve left the door to the house open and he drags in muddy paw prints. But he insists on barking the entire time we are in the pool, which is really annoying. I think he thinks he’s a lifeguard. Maybe we should get him a whistle. We spent the afternoon trying to train him not to bark when one of us jumps in. In the end we gave up and just put him in his carrier with a towel covering it so we didn’t have to deal with him. Now that’s parenting folks. 😉

SPT- Bringing the Indoors Outdoors For Summer

Samantha: [At a BBQ] Who wants a weiner?
Transexual: Girl, I’m trying to get rid of one! –Sex and the City

Match and I have done a good job of this living vicariously through his parents. We’ve managed to have weekend meals up there almost every weekend these past few weeks, and we always sit outside. img_5022

(when I posted this pic on Facebook, Drama Chick pointed out that the weenies were very large, haha. I hadn’t even realized!)

Just wait till they get their new lounge chairs. They will have to pry me out and drag me to the car kicking and screaming. 😉 I can’t wait till we get our own house and we can start picking out our very own patio furniture. Till then, I’m happy to steal theirs.

SPT-Something Borrowed

Leonard: Why? What are you wearing?
Sheldon: I fashioned historically accurate undergarments out of linen.
Leonard: You went and bought linen?
Sheldon: Oh, don’t be silly. I borrowed one of your pillow cases.
Leonard: [short pause] Borrowed?! –The Big Bang Theory

This past weekend the heat got into the triple digits. Instead of sitting around in our apartment sweating, Match, Monkey and I decided to head up to his parents and “borrow” their pool. It was so refreshing, relaxing, and just the thing we needed after a long week. I can’t wait to borrow it again soon!


Probably the funniest thing to watch was Monkey trying to swim. He doesn’t get much practice, so he’s not very good at it.