Poker Night

[The gang is playing poker.]
Rachel: I will see you… and I’ll raise you. What do you say… want to waste another buck?
Ross: No, not this time. [he folds] So what’d you have?
Rachel: I’m not telling.
Ross: Come on, show them to me. [He reaches for her cards. Rachel covers them up]
Rachel: No!
Ross: Show them to me!
Rachel: Get your hands out of there! No!
Ross: Let me see! Show them!
Chandler: You know, I’ve had dates like this.                                                                 –Friends

Last night Match, his sister and I all went to Match’s friend’s house for a game of poker. Match’s friend was his old lacrosse buddy in high school and college, and is a really cool guy. LAX Guy has a girlfriend who is always baking something when we go visit. Baker Chic and LAX are constantly inviting us to hang out, and because of Match’s schedule we can rarely go. They are both a little bit younger than us too, and it seems like they have a lot more energy for staying up late compared to us. Hopefully when Match is done with fire academy we’ll have more time to hang out.

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