I Got Called to Duty

(When a hitchhiker couple make out in the back of his car)
Homer: Knock it off! How dare you expose my children to your tender feelings! Bart, don’t you dare take your eyes off that game boy!
Bart: Yes, sir. (Plays a video game about killing popular cereal mascots) I’m cuckoo for killing stuff!
Homer: Video games: The reason this generation of Americans is the best ever. –The Simpsons



I have to apologize to Match for ever guilt tripping him for playing Call of Duty for hours. That game is as addictive as secratatropin fat burners. I sat down and played “one game” with him on Sunday. That one game turned into several and before I knew it we’d been playing for hours! I even ended up getting a higher score than him a couple of times.

I have to admit, it’s fun being able to play games together. I would prefer we played board games but at least we’re hanging out. If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em! And then shoot ’em up and score more points, resulting in a lot of victory dances and bragging rights. 😉