Piglet’s Best Buddy

Piglet’s new daycare has been an incredible blessing. We are so grateful for the change! He went from tantrum throwing and daily tears to singing songs and bringing home adorable crafts. He’s acclimated really well, and we are so glad we made the decision to switch his care. The only drawback is how much he’s missed his best buddy T.


Luckily I exchanged numbers with T’s mama, so we’ve been able to meet up for playdates. Watching these two play is too cute for words.


The wrestle, they joke around. They act like brothers.


We’ve had two playdates, and then yesterday he celebrated T’s 3rd birthday. Again with the cuteness!


I wish Piglet could see his buddy more, but I know he will make connections at his new daycare. And hopefully we will continue our playdates with T. I think our boys will make sure of that!