Match & Chandler’s Birthday Party

Rachel: [answering the phone] Hello? Vegas? Yes, we would like some more alcohol. And you know, we would like some more beers, too… hello? Oh, wait… I forgot to dial!
[There is a knock at the door.]
Ross: That must be our alcohol and beers! –Friends

Saturday was Match and Chandler’s joint birthday party. It turned out to be such a blast! Where do I start with the shenanigans that was the party. At first, we just had a few people trickle in, starting with LAX Guy and Baker Chick. We got a chance to visit with them before Match’s cousin showed up as a surprise that I had planned. Match was so excited because he didn’t even know his cousin was in town. 🙂

Then after about ten minutes, people just started pouring in. All of a sudden I was in full hostess mode, making pizzas, getting drinks for people, and loving every minute of it. Have I mentioned how much I love hosting parties? Continue reading Match & Chandler’s Birthday Party

Halloween Plans

Ted: How many days are there in October?
Barney: Ah, thirty?
Ted: Dude, I thought we cleared this up last year.
[flashback to last year]
Barney: [as Borat] I like Halloween very much. Is nice! [flashes thumbs-up]
Ted: [in a Borat-style accent] Is also tomorrow.
Barney: Damn it! –How I Met Your Mother

This is my second Halloween with Match. Last year we opted for a couples costume, the first I’d ever done, and I loved it. Match also had to work that year, so we didn’t get to party it up too late. I had wardrobe malfunctions and an unbelievably tight Alice Costume, while Match spent the night trying to keep the White Rabbit hood on his head. This year we’re doing individual costumes, and instead of sexy, I’m going for silly. I’ll reveal the costumes after I take pictures, just to keep you guys guessing. 🙂 Continue reading Halloween Plans