Monica & Chandler’s Wedding

Jules: Ellie, friend test.
Ellie: Fine, I’ll come.
Bobby: Friend test?
Jules: Yeah. It’s when you call your entire friendship into question and force them into doing something. I came up with it.
Trav: Sounds like you. –Cougar Town

Last Thursday was Monica & Chandler’s wedding and it was so beautiful. The ceremony was small and not everyone was invited (Match and I were among the few friends invited, we felt very VIP). The ceremony was at a family friend’s house that was absolutely stunning. I really wish I lived in this house. I didn’t get very many pictures because I was playing videographer/gopher/bridal party assistant all day. I figured I owed it to Monica because she helped me with everything when it was my big day. It was also my sneaky way to be a part of the behind the scenes action, which I loved.

One moment I was able to capture was by complete accident. It was of Match helping one of the bride’s younger family friends tie his tie. Isn’t this just the sweetest thing you’ve ever seen? This is the snapshot of the video I took of them. Match is going to be such a good daddy someday. Le Sigh.

wedding gown

My favorite part of a wedding ceremony is the groom when he first sees his bride and Chandler’s expression was priceless. His eyes sparkled like blue diamonds as he teared up when he saw Monica walking down the aisle. I tried to keep the tears at bay but the minute I looked over and saw that not only was the groom crying but every one of the groomsmen I just couldn’t keep it together.

After the ceremony Match and I went with Tahoe Girl’s parents and decorated M&C’s hotel room with balloons and rose petals. Then it was on to the reception! The reception was at a winery in beautiful wine country. Ladies you need to come visit me here. This is why I love Northern California. And yes there are always beautiful women dancing at wineries. It’s standard.

Her decorations were so pretty and so Monica. I loved the flowers and floating candles.

The boys have this picture tradition, that started at our wedding. It’s the butt pose and they do at every wedding now. I think it’s adorable. Some of those boys really know how to stick out their booties!

The girls went for the classic jumping in the air pose. This would have turned out great if I hadn’t jumped too soon. Notice how I’m the only one way up in the air here?

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yeah, so for the official photo, I’m the only one with my legs firmly planted on the ground. I look like I didn’t even try! I kept telling them it’s because I’m short so I hit the ground faster.

Dinner was delicious and the toasts were both funny and heartwarming. The bride and groom danced to “The Way You Look Tonight” and looked so incredibly happy. Notice awkward me trying to get video and maneuver around one of the groomsmen.


I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this but Monica and Chandler have been together for almost 10 years. They were high school sweethearts and have survived a major long distance relationship. She’s lives in Scotland for vet school and has been there for the last two years! So to see them finally married, and finally he will be moving with her so they can truly be together is the stuff of storybooks.

Mermaid Bridesmaid Dresses

Another very memorable moment of the night was when Tahoe Guy came up to me and pointed out that 6 of our best friends have gotten married within the year, and not to people outside our group but to each other (Token Gay Couple, Me and Match, and now Monica and Chandler). That is pretty incredible. I was also so touched that he included me in that grouping of 6. At first I was really slow on the uptake. 6? Ohh you mean me and Match too? Lol! I’ve never been a true part of a group before, and this crew has known each other since high school. The fact that I’m counted as one of their best friends is a great feeling.

We danced for hours and got a lot of people out there on that dance floor. I got some classic footage of the bride and groom dancing with their moms, and some hilarious shots of Chandler and his patented noodle arms dance moves. We ended the night with a 2 hour ride on the party bus, where I drank champagne straight out of the bottle. The bride also tossed her bouquet on the bus, and I screamed “Crawl for it bitches!” because I’m classy like that. The night ended as you know, with me curled up on the dog bed at the in-laws.It was a great night and I’m so happy for Mr. & Mrs. Monica and Chandler!