Photo Challenge: 7-13

Paper Coterie April Photo Challenge: Days 7-13

#7. My Town:

It’s been forever since we’ve made a trip downtown. I am really looking forward to getting off rest and venturing into town and going for a creek walk, or checking out the Saturday market.

#8. My Sunday:

 This past Sunday was Easter, and Match had to work. So I didn’t snap a picture, because we didn’t do anything. Sad! Next year we will have our little Easter bunny and I’m sure the pictures will be plentiful!

#9. My True Love:

Match is absolutely my true love. You know what made me fall more in love with him? After watching The Hunger Games last weekend, he insisted on reading the book. I love that he takes an interest in the things I love. I mean seriously, how sexy is this?

#10. My Transportation:

This one was perfect this month because Match just bought me a new (to us) car! He calls it the “Baby Carriage”. 🙂 It’s a 2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee and I’m so happy with it! He also opted against a truck after seeing how short I am next to them. We’re going to get him a beater truck soon for all his projects. That man is too good to me. I love that he’s willing to compromise!

#11. My Space:

 When the weather is nice, the park across the street is my space. I love to come here with Monkey and watch him play. Do you see that playground in the background? I can’t wait to bring Roo there to play too. The best part is it’s just a few hundred feet from our front door!

#12. My Eyes:

I like my eyes, though I wish they were slightly bigger. When I smile they practically disappear. I love the color-I get them from my mom. They’re green in some lights, blue in others, with a little hint of brown. It’s the one feature of mine that I secretly hope Roo gets. I would be fine if the rest of Roo looked just like Match, but with my eye color. 🙂

#13. My Evening: 

My evenings when Match is at work are pretty dull. They consist of me me either propped up on the couch, or reclining in the man chair, working away on the computer and watching some TV, or reading a book. Don’t be too jealous of my super exciting life. I’m looking forward to the evenings that will be spent starring at the baby.