Confessions of an Online Shopper

Lily: Yeah! Well…I read somewhere that compulsive shopping was a disease!
Sean: Cholera is a disease. Compulsive shopping is something a 16 year-old does when she wants to look cute for a party and someone gives her a credit card. –Grounded for Life

I’ve admitted that I hate shopping in stores. I have horribly flat feet that get sore from walking around for long periods of time. I hate lines. I hate screaming children who walk right in my foot path almost tripping my already clumsy self. So it should come as no surprise that I prefer to do my shopping online. I feel that lately as the economy has been slow, and when I’ve studied for a solid 5 hours and my brain is mush, my mouse every so slyly makes its way to my favorite online stores. Now, I’m not a person who overspends. I’m fairly frugal actually, and have been squirreling most of my money away for practical things like a house and a new car. Continue reading Confessions of an Online Shopper