Old Married Couple and Memory Lane

Last night, Old Married Couple stopped by for a visit. We had a relaxing evening, drinking beers and reminiscing about old times. We looked through old pictures from our college days, and I couldn’t believe how far we’ve come. Have I mentioned that they moved to Oregon last year? It’s crazy to think we’re both living in a new state, after going through our college years together.



I’m still sad when I think of those lost years, where I let my grief get in the way of our friendship. But I’m so grateful that they were willing to accept my apology, and that we have reconnected as friends. Once again, Match and I were reminded of how happy we are with our choice to become Oregonians, and how we are so much happier here than we were in our old life. Old Married Couple seem happier than ever, and they are loving the Oregon life as much as we are.

I went to bed with a happy heart. Grateful for new and old memories, and for getting older with life-long friends.


TTUT-Reconnecting With an Old Friend

My first college party – drinking piña coladas with a dude and talking about math. -Wallace, Veronica Mars

with Impulsive Addict and Seriously Shawn

  • Friday night I met up with an old friend of mine from college, Party Planner. We hadn’t seen each other in 6 years, but it was as if no time had passed. She couldn’t stop touching my belly and Piglet was very generous with his kicks for her.
  •  She was a friendship I lost when I was stuck in a terribly abusive relationship post graduation. I let so many of my friendships go, mostly out of embarrassment. I didn’t reach out to her because I was afraid she would think I was a jerk for disappearing the way I had. Luckily for me, she saw it more as losing touch. She didn’t know about the guy being abusive, and I didn’t know about some hard things she’d been going through. It felt so good to clear things up.
  • We also had a heart to heart about Roo, and as it turns out her best friend just lost their daughter at full term in January. Party asked me for my advice, and I shared with her the positive lessons I’ve learned from our experience. It felt like fate that I would happen to reconnect with my friend during this time. Hopefully my advice will help her friend, but truly only time will make the pain get easier to bear. My heart aches for her friend, and I just wish I could wrap her up in a big hug.
  • We had a great time reconnecting and reminiscing about the past. We recalled our epic parties, and how even in college we always put a lot of thought and planning into our parties. She’s actually now a professional event planner, and it’s so perfect for her (hence the nickname Party Planner).  This picture was from my 23rd birthday, and our “couple” pose.



I managed to dig up this gem of a picture. What the HELL are we doing? I think I was trying to cover my spare tire and butt from being photographed, and failing miserably. 6

  • Sadly in our eagerness to catch up, we forgot to take new pictures. Pictures now would be a lot less wacky! We had a great visit and I hope we get to do it again soon.

Old Friends, New Neighbors

Finally! All my old friends together again.-Nerissa, W.I.T.C.H.

This past weekend I didn’t have to spend it alone for once! My lifetime friend Hippy Chick, who I went to school with all through grade, middle and high school in Oregon, just moved with her husband and newborn to my town! Can you believe it? We now live under ten minutes from each other.

Their first night in town they stayed at my house. It’s amazing how much stuff one little baby needs, even overnight. I swear they needed a cargo net just to hold it all. I got to spend a lot of time with their sweet little 4 month old baby girl. This little girl is close to my heart because she was born just one week after Roo. Hippy Chick also had a very scary pregnancy, with a calcified placenta and an emergency C-section. I remember being so terrified for my friend, and praying like hell that her baby didn’t share Roo’s fate. Thank God she didn’t! So HC definitely can relate to what I’m going through on some level.

I will say I get moments of sadness, when I think about the idea that our baby girls could have grown up together. Lifelong friends just like their mamas. But I have hope that someday soon I’ll be pregnant again, and that dream will become a reality. Hippy Chick has promised to be a surrogate husband when Match is away at work.

I’m so excited to help introduce Hippy Chick to our town, and to learn how to care for a newborn from her. She was great about passing off the baby to me. I’m hoping to learn a lot! I’m looking forward to double dates with our husbands, going on walks together, and girl time!

TTUT-What I’ve Been Up To

 with Impulsive Addict and Seriously Shawn.

  • After a week of battling with the home warranty people over our broken AC, having an HVAC tech come out only to tell me it was the breaker, not the AC, we finally got an electrician to come out. He turned out to be a total hottie, and I was secretly glad that I had the wherewithal to wear a halfway decent outfit and put my hair into a ponytail instead of its usual hot mess. I don’t get out much, so don’t you judge me as IA would say! We also got our AC fixed and I’m no longer sweltering!
  • Double Date Night this past Saturday with my long time friend (we’ve went through school K-12, literally growing up together) Mrs. Makeup (she sells Mary Kay and does permanent makeup for a living). We only live a few hours from each other, and Sacramento is a nice halfway spot for us.
  • She’s the one with the adorable little girl who I cuddled with for most of our 10 year reunion. It was so nice getting out of the house and visiting with her and her fiance, and their little girl Cuddlebug. Makeup has been so supportive this past month. She’s always available for chats and I’m so grateful for her long term friendship. We don’t see each other that often, but it’s always as if no time has passed. When we got to dinner, she gave me a sweet magnet about angels, and this garden stone. Isn’t it perfect?

  • We went to the Capitol Building in Sacramento after dinner. I had no idea the grounds were so beautiful.

  • When we were ready to say goodbye, Cuddlebug wouldn’t stop hugging us. She kept giving me little pats on the back. I was in danger of bawling my eyes out.

  • When she reached for Match, I nearly lost it. Look at how she cuddled him. I swear she knew we needed some baby cuddles.

  •  I warned Mrs. Makeup that I just might take her home with us if she wasn’t careful. She cried when we left, and I cried a little too. I can’t wait to see them again!
  • On the ride home Match just squeezed my hand and said, “someday”.
  • Sunday I received a lot of sweet messages about Mother’s Day, and I thought about Roo many times. Match made sure I had a fun day. We bbq’d, went for a nice walk, and cuddled on the couch.
  • I’ve started working out again. I have to admit, it feels damn good having strength and energy again. I’m loving the endorphin kick too.

What have you been up to lately?

Mini College Reunion and Ghosts of My Past

My eyes aren’t glistening with the ghosts of my past! –Harry Potter

Saturday afternoon I met up with a few of my friends from college for a mini reunion. Moose and I have kept in touch all these years, but the other two guys I hadn’t seen in at least 8 years. It was so surreal to all be hanging out together again. The day started out with me third wheeling it with Moose and his lady. We went wine tasting in Sonoma and Napa and it was actually a lot of fun even though I wished Match could have been there. The weather was perfect and it was an absolutely gorgeous day for wine tasting.

We drank a lot of tasty sparkling wine and I got to know Moose’s fiancee.

He’s actually been engaged three times, and so far she’s my favorite. I tease him a lot about being proposal happy and I told him he better be sure that this one stuck. It was great to spend some quality time with Moose before hanging out with everyone else. He’s always felt like an older brother and I’m so happy we’ve stayed friends all these years.

After we drank and had fun in true Napa County style, we headed back to their place in Napa. Napa holds a lot of bad memories for me, but a few good ones. It was in Napa that I first lived with a boy and it ended badly. I think a part of me always worries that I’ll run into that ex, Flame Boy. I’m not really sure what I’m so afraid of because I have never been happier with my life. I guess it’s just a scary thought to run into ghosts from our past.

Speaking of ghosts, when the other two guys showed up for the BBQ at Moose’s, I was forced to remember a lot of other ghosts from my past as “Oregon”, the wild party girl. Moose loves to bring up awkward party stories and he loves to see me turn red. You can bet my face was scarlet for most of the evening. Luckily it was all in good fun, but the story telling portion of the night made me grateful Match was at work. I’m most definitely not the girl I once was!

After eating an amazing BBQ dinner and birthday cake (celebrating our September birthdays early) I had sobered up enough to drive downtown with the guys. We piled into my little car and headed down to the local pub. We hung out and the boys drank and we all visited and did some people watching.

It’s nice when you can hang out with friends you haven’t seen in almost a decade and still feel comfortable. I think I actually felt more comfortable now because I’m grown up and I know who I am. I’m no longer that awkward 18 year old trying to figure out life. My buddies are all a lot more mature now too and all seemed to be happy with their places in life. It was great to reconnect and I hope we do it again soon! Hopefully next time I’ll be able to bring my better half to the party.