Tree Mural

Tim[helping Billy paint the nursery] Billy, if I threw up on this wall you wouldn’t even know it because this color is puke.Billy: It’s mustard! –Friday Night Lights

Ok, I couldn’t resist. I had to show you guys what the tree mural and nursery looks like so far. I’m still working on the window seat, and we are waiting to do the leaves until we find out what we’re having. I want to do either cherry blossoms for a girl, or fall type leaves for a boy. I am also going to work on attempting to sew some felt animals and hang them from the tree. I’m so happy with how it turned out. I still can’t believe Match free-handed the sketch. The inspiration came from Houzz, which is an amazing website full of cool home decor photos.

I’m glad I worked on the painting now, before my belly gets in the way. I had trouble enough with smearing! Notice the little stuffed Kangaroo in the corner? Geeky brought that over on Sunday. Roo’s very first stuffed animal. I love it!

I’m so excited for all the pieces of the nursery to come together. After the ultrasound on March 6th, Match said we can buy the crib. The minute that crib is in the room it’s all going to feel so real!


12 Weeks-Energy is BACK!

This mural is so much more fun to look at than a blank wall. Heidi: I literally feel like we are in a playhouse. -Spencer, The Hills

How Far Along: 12 weeks (according to my calendar, hopefully the doc will agree at next ultrasound)
Size of Baby: Plum
Bump Watch:

Don’t mind me in the second picture. I had just finished painting all day so I was wrecked. I definitely see a difference in the bump, but maybe it’s wishful thinking?

Cravings: anything sweet! I never like junk food cereal but lately I’ve been eating lucky charms like crazy.
Food Aversions: tomatoes and most meats don’t really appeal but I eat them anyways
Symptoms:  I didn’t post it, but at 10 weeks I got my first real official case of morning sickness. It was night time, and I was out to dinner with a friend. I had just eaten  brushetta, and all of a sudden I felt sick. I dashed to the restroom and I’m pretty sure the tables nearby thought I was bullemic. I’m just lucky I made it. I’ve since felt queasy, but no more actual sickness. I ate soda crackers like it was my job. Luckily about midway through last week the nauseated feelings disappeared! Woohoo!
I’m also a lot more awake and my energy level has gone way up. I’ve managed to finish Roo’s stocking:

and I’m almost done with the tree mural! I’ll give you a tiny sneak peek. Match drew out the sketch freehand. That man is amazing! Then I did the painting. We’re waiting til we find out the gender to do the leaves. I have very different ideas depending on what we’re having.

Next up is the height chart! I’m off to get supplies for that at the craft store. I want something I can move if Roo later decides he or she doesn’t like the chart in their room. I’m so excited to be at the end of this trimester. I will really breathe easier after our next appointment, but I have nothing but good feelings. Hopefully the doc will take me off pelvic rest soon. I haven’t had any spotting in the last few days and I’m feeling great!