Nursery Closet Obsession

Claire: Well, generally speaking, Lawrence, when a woman leaves something behind, an earring or a purse, let’s say, it’s not the nesting sign that most men assume it to be. It could mean nothing more than she’s forgetful.
Lawrence: It was her grandmother’s china.
Claire: Oh. You may have a problem.

I’ve been obsessing over the nursery, and doing my typical Virgo thing where I fixate on one thing, and it becomes all I think about. Since I’m waiting for my baby shower in April before buying the rest of the essentials, my latest fixation has been on the closet. I’ve been pestering Match to make built in shelving, but I’m pretty sure it’s not going to happen. Maybe I can butter him up with one of his favorite meals. I wish daddies got the nesting bug the way us mommies do!

Here’s what I’m currently dealing with:


If I had an unlimited budget, and a willing handyman, I would replace the terrible sliding mirror doors with french doors. We are very lucky in that the nursery room is quite spacious, and I would much rather sacrifice a little square footage for the convenience of doors that actually open.  The mirrored sliders constantly stick, or come off the rail and they drive me crazy! Plus I’m not sure I want to look at myself in the mirror when I’m nursing at 3am. I think I’ll freak myself out!

Here are just a few Pinterest pictures that are fueling this obsession of mine.

nursery closet doors

I am so in love with these doors! And you can get to everything inside. Gasp! What a concept. She organized things well, but I think I’d probably do it a little bit differently.

This picture is almost exactly what I would do given the chance, except with the doors from the above picture. PS I also LOVE the crown molding. There’s another project to add to my never ending list of house projects.


I really want the built in drawers. I think that’s such a smart idea, and one that would work well into the teen years. I think I’d get rid of the upper shelf and instead add more hanging space, so the closet wouldn’t have to be re-done when Piglet gets older. I’d also make the shoe rack a little bit bigger, to accommodate bigger shoes as he grows.



Here’s another option that gives more drawer space, and again, I could see this as a grown up closet someday. It’s all just so organized. Makes me drool just a little bit. Now I’m off to show these pictures to Match and convince him that it’s absolutely essential that we make it right away.

How did you organize your nursery closet? Any suggestions?