Match’s Graduation After Party

Ted: [seeing Robin in her dress] Still wow.
Robin Scherbatsky: Wow, yourself. Look who else brought it.
Ted: Oh, yeah. I thought about leaving it at home, but I figured, I don’t want to get there and realize I need it and have to go all the way back to get it, so yeah, I brought it. –How I Met Your Mother

The graduation after party was awesome, but Match and I definitely overindulged. Remember earlier in the day we’d had lunch and drank our weight in mojitos? Well just a few hours later we got all dressed up and ready for the party.

When we arrived, we immediately met one of Match’s RTOs. “Don’t call me sir!” he chided Match. It was funny because all night long the guys kept calling the RTOs sir. One even did it before they took shots, ha!

Here is the hotel courtyard where the party was held. I love the twinkle lights on the trees.

We headed up to Sassy Couple’s room where Sassy and I stood at the window and watched people arrive. We quickly realized we were the only ones that really dressed up. “Whatever,” I said as I high fived her. “We brought it!”

This became our catch phrase of the night. The more drunk we got the more we’d exclaim, “We’re the only ones who brought it!” It was pretty funny. The next day I was worried that I was obnoxious but Match assured me that we were adorable. He said we were strutting around like little peacocks all night. I’m glad Sassy and I are getting closer. She is a blast!

I don’t even know what is happening in this picture but it’s hilarious.

Meeting the RTOs and the rest of the recruits was a little bit intimidating, especially when I was feeling tipsy. I also realized a lot of them were very tall. I felt like I needed a step stool to talk to some of these guys. They were teasing me because even in heels I’m still a shorty.

At one point in the night a bunch of us took shots with one of Match’s RTOs.

I also bonded with another one of the wives. She and her husband went to Match’s Laser Tag birthday a few months back, but we hadn’t really visited before. We were cracking up together all night. I definitely hope we hang out again. I’ll have to give her a nickname when I get to know her better.

We had a great night, and it was so nice to see Match let loose. The next day he was a pretty big mess. Poor guy was praying to the porcelain gods late that night and all the next day. 🙁 He texted his buddy and asked how he was doing and he put it best. “I’m doing bad…college bad.” But I think the pain was worth it. It was such a fun night!

Don’t Hang on Married Men

[Jenkins has just apologized to Lily at MacLaren’s for kissing Marshall. Lily is gradually taking off her scarf and earrings.]
Jenkins: For what it’s worth, I’m sorry. Please forgive me. [Lily suddenly punches her right in the face. Jenkins lies crumpled on the floor]
Lily: Kiss my husband? MY HUSBAND?!?! Nobody kisses my future baby daddy but me!!! [proceeds to pummel Jenkins while Marshall tries to get closer]
Barney: [trying to take picture of fight] Marshall, you’re blocking the shot! –How I Met Your Mother

Last night Match and I met up with a bunch of the recruits over at Sassy Couple’s house for dinner and drinks. We had a great time and I got the chance to meet another recruit’s girlfriend and another recruit Wife.

Sassy didn’t really warm up that much even though we were on her turf, but I saw that she acted the same towards the other girls as she had towards me. I’ve decided she’s just a little shy and she’ll warm up over time. If not, that’s ok too. I really clicked with the other recruit wife, Good Girl. I’m nicknaming her that because she and her husband don’t drink and they just looked so darn wholesome. We talked about books and discovered we both love Harry Potter and Twilight. She’s new to the area too and hasn’t made a lot of friends. At the mention of Twilight she looked at Good Guy and said, “I love her!” 🙂 I’m hoping Match and I can plan a game night or a hike with Good Couple in the near future.

Good Couple took off around ten, but the rest of us decided to head out to a bar to meet up with some of the other recruits. There were a handful of guys and one female recruit who was so thin she looked like she guzzled Lipofuze for every meal. Unfortunately, I’m going to have to nickname her Flirty Recruit because she was hanging on everyone. Now I’m really secure with myself and my relationship with Match. Still, it was bugging me to watch her hang on the other married recruits who didn’t bring their wives out. I decided to be a bigger person and get to know this girl and try not to judge too harshly.I noticed that the entire group seemed to be pretty touchy feely with everyone, so maybe she was just trying to fit in with the guys, being the only female recruit there that night. Lord knows I’ve always had a bunch of guy friends and have always been one of the guys, so I retracted my kitty claws and decided to give her the benefit of the doubt. We had a great time joking around with the guys and it was so fun to see how well Match gets along with everyone. They all love him and he’s really in his element. I’ve never seen him so comfortable around a group before.

Match making kissy faces at Sassy. Those two are so sweet on each other.

We ended up heading to a bowling alley that had karaoke. I sang with two of the recruits, both Sassy Guy and this other recruit, Kenny Chesney. Nicknamed such because the guy looked exactly like him. I wish I could post his picture because it’s true. It had been far too long since the last time I sang and I had a blast singing for a new crowd.

While we were watching the recruits sing, one of the recruits girlfriends started talking about Flirty recruit. She’s barely 21 and so I’ve nicknamed her and her recruit Young Couple. She was pretty drunk so she was a little bit out of line and was talking loudly about not being afraid of smacking her around just because she’s a recruit. Luckily we weren’t sitting close to her and Flirty didn’t hear us. Her boyfriend turned to her and said, “You need to dial it down”. It made me laugh because it was such a future Peace Officer thing to say.

I agreed with the girlfriend, that Flirty was being inappropriate with married men, but the truth is, that’s their issue not ours. They’re married and they could have told her to back off. Plus they didn’t seem so shy with her either. I said so to Match and said, “Well it’s not like she hangs on you like that right?” To which he uttered a very non-Match response and mumbled, “No, not at academy.” My jaw dropped because Match doesn’t answer questions in an evasive way. He’s brutally honest and I know that I will always get his honest, uncensored answer. So for him to say, “not at academy” hinting that maybe, just maybe this girl flirts with him beyond that did not sit well with me. I didn’t make a scene in public though, and so I whispered to him, “this conversation isn’t over” and dropped it. The night was winding down at this point so we headed home.

In the car Match explained that Flirty recruit had come up to him and put her arm around him while I was in the bathroom. He said it was nothing at all, and it was in a very platonic way. I told him I didn’t care about that, it was just his answer that bothered me, as if he were hiding something. I told him I had no problem with another girl hugging him or being friendly. My only issue is if a girl only acts that way when I’m not around. If you feel your behavior should be hidden from me, the wife, then we have a big big problem. I don’t care if you hug my husband, within reason. Just don’t ever act one way when I’m not around and a completely different way when I am. It plants the seed of doubt and it causes unnecessary arguments. Respect me, respect my husband, and most of all, respect our marriage.

I told Match that I really didn’t like the way he’d answered my question and he agreed that it sounded shady in hindsight. He just didn’t want to lie by saying, “No Flirty doesn’t hang on me” when in fact she had that very night. He said he’d never be evasive like that again, and thanked me for being the understanding and laid back wife I am. We both groaned over Young Recruit’s girlfriend and how that was not the way to handle the situation.

We also agreed that loud bars and a lot of drinking isn’t that much fun. We’d had a lot more fun in our smaller group back at Sassy Couple’s house. So hopefully next weekend we’ll have the guys over to our place. As petty as it sounds, I’m relieved that Flirty Recruit isn’t in Match’s group and therefore won’t be coming. I may be a chill and understanding wife, but I’ve got my limits.

Have you ever had to deal with an overly flirty girl around your man? How did you handle it?

Couple Wife and Ladies Night Out

Dick: I’m sure you can defeat a simple door lock.
[Tommy breaks through the window with his hand and unlocks the door]
Dick: What are you doing?! Now this is breaking and entering! It’s illegal!
Tommy: What’d you expect me to do? Beam you in? –3rd Rock From the Sun

So Saturday night was girl’s night out with Couple Wife and two of her friends. We met up at this bar in town that’s kind of a chic cabana style bar. It’s all done up in tropical decor, and smells like coconuts when you walk in. It’s even a little bit humid to add to the ambiance. I imagine it’s what a bar in cancun hotels would be like. I was nervous at first about what the girls would think of me. I’d met them both twice before, once at CW’s baby shower, and once again at her Prom party, but we never talked. We mingled, but I never actually had a conversation with them. These girls are always dressed to the nine, makeup perfect, not a hair out of place, so I was nervous! Continue reading Couple Wife and Ladies Night Out

Martinis and Acting Our Age

Whose leg do you have to hump to get a dry martini around here? -Brian, Family Guy

Last night Match and I decided to act our age and hit the town. We went out with Gym Buddy and her boyfriend, who when I get to know better I’m sure I’ll come up with a clever nickname. We decided to go meet up downtown at the Irish bar that is far too clean and trendy to be a traditional Irish pub. But the bartenders are nice and GB and her man got us a table so we could do some people watching and I could enjoy a dirty martini. Continue reading Martinis and Acting Our Age