Old Friends, New Neighbors

Finally! All my old friends together again.-Nerissa, W.I.T.C.H.

This past weekend I didn’t have to spend it alone for once! My lifetime friend Hippy Chick, who I went to school with all through grade, middle and high school in Oregon, just moved with her husband and newborn to my town! Can you believe it? We now live under ten minutes from each other.

Their first night in town they stayed at my house. It’s amazing how much stuff one little baby needs, even overnight. I swear they needed a cargo net just to hold it all. I got to spend a lot of time with their sweet little 4 month old baby girl. This little girl is close to my heart because she was born just one week after Roo. Hippy Chick also had a very scary pregnancy, with a calcified placenta and an emergency C-section. I remember being so terrified for my friend, and praying like hell that her baby didn’t share Roo’s fate. Thank God she didn’t! So HC definitely can relate to what I’m going through on some level.

I will say I get moments of sadness, when I think about the idea that our baby girls could have grown up together. Lifelong friends just like their mamas. But I have hope that someday soon I’ll be pregnant again, and that dream will become a reality. Hippy Chick has promised to be a surrogate husband when Match is away at work.

I’m so excited to help introduce Hippy Chick to our town, and to learn how to care for a newborn from her. She was great about passing off the baby to me. I’m hoping to learn a lot! I’m looking forward to double dates with our husbands, going on walks together, and girl time!