Merry Christmas!

Phoebe: And I heard him say, as he flew out of sight, “Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!”
Joey: Wow, you really wrote that?
Phoebe: Uh-huh. -Friends

Well, almost. I feel like a little kid again, where these last few days before Christmas just seem to be dragging by. I’m really excited for Christmas eve morning, when Match and I will be having our own special Christmas. It’s going to be our last Christmas just the two of us. I have a couple surprises for Match that I think he’s going to love!

We’ve been getting a few gifties in the mail, and I love the excitement around Christmas of opening that mailbox and seeing a shipping label from a loved one. My favorite so far was from my grandparents: a home movie turned into a DVD of a year with me and my brother back from 1993-94. Match was absolutely giddy over it, and immediately popped some popcorn and started watching. He was cracking up and I couldn’t help but laugh along. I was so awkward at 9-10 years old! And hello unibrow! I can’t wait to dig through his old movies. I think for his birthday I might have to do a little payback!

I’ve also received quite a few Christmas cards from many of you, and I have them all on display in my dining room. It makes me smile to know that I’m on your Christmas card lists, and it makes me feel like family. We didn’t send cards this year, for the first time in years, but I promise we will next year!

Today the kids at church put on their Christmas pageant. They were so cute marching down the aisles in their costumes. P1070459

And if that wasn’t enough to really get me in the Christmas spirit, I came home to a box of chocolates and this ornament waiting for me on my doorstep, from Walking Buddy. She and her boys made this ornament for us. Match and my name are on one side, and Piglet and Roo on the other. When I saw Roo’s name I just started bawling. It was such a thoughtful gift and will be a cherished part of my ornament collection.


I probably won’t blog for the next few days, being busy with family and enjoying the holiday. So a Merry Christmas and a Happy Hannukah to all of you, and I can’t wait to hear all about your holiday!