Thinking of Buying a Car

Jack Bauer should torture his suspects by making them go car shopping with their exes. -Lorelai, Gilmore Girls

I’ve been toying with the idea of getting a newer car. I’m frustrated by it because I’ve finally paid off my Ford Focus that I bought new back in the day with Flame Boy. That car has always been the bane of my existence because it wasn’t entirely my decision. In fact, Flame Boy, as was his way back then, made all the decisions for me, even when I protested. I think that buying a car new isn’t the smartest investment, particularly one I’d done no research on, like my Focus. Don’t get me wrong, eventually I appreciated it, but I never loved it. And I’ve always hated the color. Silly I know, but true. Continue reading Thinking of Buying a Car

A Little Game of Tag

[said about mud wrestling] “Patrick, tag me in! “-Annie, Men in Trees

So Pink Jelly Baby gets this great award, and the proceeds to tag me along with a few others. The nerve! 😉

honestscrapaward She had to tell us ten things about her.

And now I’m tagged so I must also answer ten things. The silver lining here is that I get to tag ten of you (Evil laughter goes here).

I’ll try to keep this interesting for you guys.

  1. I am a huge book worm. I probably read 2-3 books a month. I listen to books on CD on the way to and from work, and I read at home. When I read, I completely tune out my surroundings. Sometimes Match gets jealous of my books because I ignore him, hehe.
  2. I’m way too addicted to carbs and cheese to ever go on a proper diet. I just exercise and use portion control to avoid getting too large. This method is starting to backfire on me the older I get, but I just can’t diet. I get too cranky and honestly life is too short.
  3. I lost my virginity in the back of an old car. To make the memory even more classy, we were caught by a police officer. Oh yeah. How’s that for embarrassing?
  4. I have an uncanny ability to remember song lyrics. Probably from all the karaoke singing I’ve done. If I weren’t afraid to be on TV, I’d try out for Don’t Forget the Lyrics.
  5. It’s always been a dream of mine to be the singer in a small band. I don’t want to be hugely famous, just small town, singing at the local fair kind of famous. Maybe someday?
  6. I really want to have my first child at 28, and my second at 30. That’s the dream anyway.
  7. I want to get married in the next two years, so that #6 can happen. 😉 I want some time to be married without kids.
  8. I shake when I get nervous or upset. I look like a Chihuahua, it’s pathetic. It usually takes a few hours for this to go away.
  9. There was a time when I cried every single day. Now I laugh at least once a day, and crying is extremely rare. I am so grateful for that.
  10. I’m completely addicted to Facebook Scrabble. Seriously, it’s quite sad. I need some sort of Tilers Annoymous. 😉

And now for the tags: I tag Coast Sister, Brittany E, Jenn, Josie M, E, Melissa, Yeti, Hardt, Pinknic, and Jen.