March Madness

How is already March, guys? Wasn’t I just writing up New Year’s Resolutions? I don’t mind that February is gone, because even though I usually love winter, this year I’m ready for sunshine and warmer days. Every chance we’ve had, we’ve gone outside. Last weekend we finally got together with my brother, niece and nephew. I love how sweetly those three play together. They’re so good with Piglet, and he loves them so much. I can’t get over how big they’re getting. They used to be babies, and now they’re both in the DOUBLE digits. Sniff!

This month Finnegan is back, Piglet’s precocious little leprechaun. We treat it kind of like Elf on the Shelf, but not as intricate. Usually he just moves around, and sometimes he is set up playing with Piglet’s toys, or propped next to a treat. I love watching Piglet’s face light up when he moves. My favorite is how he thinks Finnegan controls our Echo dot. I have an app on my phone that can control the app, so every time he asks Finnegan to play music, the Echo dot “magically” turns on. Sometimes technology is really fun! I found Piglet reading a leprechaun book to Finnegan. How sweet is he?

Last weekend we had a really fun kid’s party at our local pool. Piglet was so funny when he insisted on showing up with his swim trunks on his head. I love his sense of humor!

I’ve gotten closer to my Zumba crew. A few weeks ago we celebrated H’s birthday. I am so grateful for these gals, and guy! They motivate me to keep up with the routine, and I wouldn’t be on the right path with my fitness and weight loss without them. We’re going out to dinner tomorrow night, and I’m so excited to hang with them again.

This coming weekend we are going on our yurt camping adventure! I am so crazy excited to get out of town. Match has been super busy with school, and I feel like we haven’t seen each other all week. Piglet and I have had some great quality time together though. I’ve been making him earn his keep.

How’s your month? What has everyone been up to? Are you as excited about the change in seasons as I am?

TTUT-Out Like a Lamb

March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. -English Proverb

with Impulsive Addict and Seriously Shawn

  • Wow, are we really in the 3rd week of March already? Did anyone else feel like this month just fly right by? 
  • The weather has been beautiful and sunny here. There was no real “Lion” weather to speak of in early March, it’s pretty much been Lambtastic around here. I have to say I love these days, where it’s nice enough to open all the windows and get the fresh air, but not so hot that I have to run around closing everything up and hiding from the sun. That’ll be May-September weather. So I’ll enjoy the fresh air and mild temps while we have them.
  • Sunday I taught my second to last Sunday school class for the foreseeable future. Just one more to go-if I don’t back out next month. I’m starting to get the 3rd trimester fatigue, and those kids wore me OUT! Having to bend down and help them glue their crafts, and searching under the table for lost pieces of paper was not easy. But I love their enthusiasm, and their funny stories.
  • My favorite? One little boy telling this big story about the leprechaun that helped him find his lost ring. He had me help write him a thank you card. I must confess I had to google how to spell leprechaun while I was writing it for him. Thank goodness for smartphones or else this “teacher” would have felt like a real fool.
  • I’ve been a busy bee working on getting the house ready for my shower, which is in T-minus 18 days! I have an awesome DIY project I’ve been making for Piglet’s room, that will double as decorations for the shower. I’ll hopefully have them done by next week and will share them with you.
  • I also managed to get my picture gallery up for the dining room. Some of the pictures are place holders, and will probably be rotated out for pictures of Piglet when he arrives. For now my first “baby” has a special spot on the wall. Yes I know it’s ridiculous that I have an 8×10 of my dog on my wall, but whatevs. Also please forgive the way the camera makes the canvas picture look. It was evening and the flash was bouncing off of it. picture gallery wall picture gallery for dining room: picture gallery wall

  • I love the way the picture gallery and the triptych break up the space. The room is really coming together!
  • Match has been working a lot of overtime, and I miss him! But the time away makes us appreciate each other more, and he’s always so excited to see me, and rub the belly when he gets home.
  • We had another awesome checkup yesterday, with our “little” guy weighing in at a whopping 3 pounds, 1 ounce at 29 weeks. He’s in the 55th percentile and doing great! Match and I are both nervous that he’s going to be a big baby at birth. So long as he’s healthy, that’s all that matters. But if he wants to be born at say, 7 pounds instead of 9, with a nice small head, mama would be ok with that. 😉