Love Symbols and Wedding Invitations

Amy: What did you do!? The invitations, my aunt Lynn got this in the mail, what did you do!?Robert: Oh my god, this was in the mail.Amy: What did you do Robert!?Robert: Nothing, nothing, this wasn’t suppose to go out.Debra: Wait a minute, what’s the problem……oh my god!Amy: I know! I couldn’t even finish reading it because some woman screaming, and then I realized it was me!Robert: The wedding planner lady was to print it out for you and you was suppose to look it over.Amy: She said you said send it out!Robert: No, I said print it out.Amy: Well she sent it out!Robert: Oh my god!Marie: Amy! Oh my god!Amy: I know, oh my god!Marie: What happened to it?Amy: Robert, Robert happened to it.Robert: It wasn’t suppose to go out!Amy: Look at this! Hank ‘N’ Pat, ‘N’ Pat, ‘N’ Pat,they’re not hillbillies Robert! “Hank ‘N’ Pat MacDougall request the honor of your “presents–“Debra: Robert, you spelled “presents” like gifts!Robert: It wasn’t suppose to go out!Amy: You even put the wrong date! It’s the ninth not the sixth! People are gonna show up three days early!Debra: And Robert what is this? “Attire Optional?!Amy: It’s black tie optional! Attire optional means maybe naked! They’re going to be nude people! At a church! On a Wednesday!Robert: It wasn’t suppose to go out. –Everybody Loves Raymond

I wrote before about how Match’s Mom and I went invitation shopping last Saturday. After hours of searching we found the perfect invitations. We’re still going for a fall theme and we thought these said fall without being too cheesy. The conservationist in me is also giddy that the invitations are made with recycled paper. Yay! Continue reading Love Symbols and Wedding Invitations