A Day Out With the Girls

As specified by standards and practices, I am enjoying this hookah in a drug-free way. -Debbie, Sealab 2021

This past Sunday Couple Wife and Geeky came to visit me. They got me out of the house and out of my head for a few hours of girl time. Let me tell you-having a few hours where I could laugh, be silly, and not think solely about sad stuff was exactly what I needed.

We started off with sushi and sake at a restaurant downtown. Please don’t mind the bags under my eyes. I swear I’ve aged 10 years since the beginning of this month. I suppose that’s to be expected given the circumstance. I’m ready to feel normal again, and I know eventually my eyes will dry up.

The sake sparked some very inappropriate comments about how it was Asian men’s semen. This prompted CW to say, “If it tastes like that, maybe I married the wrong guy!” Oh lordy! Since we were on a roll with our inappropriateness, we decided to wander into the lingerie shop, Naughty or Nice. I didn’t realize there was a back part of the store, which was full of adult toys. All kinds of jokes and giggling ensued. You would think we were three teenage girls, not married women in our late 20s!

We had the most fun trying on wigs. Geeky looked amazing as a red headed vixen, and actually ended up buying hers. I loved the pixie wig, but couldn’t bring myself to drop $50 on something I’d rarely wear.

After our fun at the porn shop in disguise, we walked by a cigar shop. I decided to stop in and buy Match a cigar for being such a great husband. While we were browsing we noticed they also had a hookah bar. The girls had never smoked hookah, but I used to all the time in college. For those that haven’t tried it, it’s flavored tobacco that makes you light headed and slightly buzzed. It’s fun once in a blue moon but I couldn’t do it all the time. We were cracking up and being total dorks, blowing smoke out of our noses and being dragons as Geeky called it. It was a good thing we were the only people in the shop because we were being complete fools.

We laughed about how even though it was a girl’s day out, it was as if we’d had a guy’s day. We’d been drinking, visited a porn shop, and then a cigar lounge. What a completely random, but fun, afternoon!

When we got home the girls presented Match with a gift they’d bought him at the porn shop-a man thong. I always tell them how cute his butt is, so they bought him a pair of undies to accentuate his “ass-ets”. He was only mildly embarrassed. 🙂

I also bought him some boobie shaped soap since he hasn’t been allowed to touch mine for awhile. Once again lots of giggling from the girls. We had such a fun, lighthearted day and it was exactly what I needed.

Couples Pleasure Party

Teresa: Oh, wait. There’s just one more thing. I’m gonna need to get my handcuffs, and my whip and my leather lingerie back. Also, the box of edible panties would be great.
Lou: I um… I ate all the edible panties.
Teresa: You ate the panties… Great. [walks off]
Franco: Chocolate flavored?
Lou: Yeah, and vanilla and strawberry. I had a Neapolitan thing goin’. –Rescue Me

I went for a walk today with Couple Wife, and we discussed plans for Couple Hubby’s birthday party next month. CW is throwing CH a very unique party: it’s going to be a Couples Pleasure/Pajama Party. We’re going to have drinks, vibrators and other sexy and scandalous products to giggle about, and the kicker: lingerie. It’s pretty much every guys fantasy. It’s also major motivation to get into shape. I’ve got just over a month to get myself in shape enough to where I’ll look cute in a satin corset and heels for this party. Continue reading Couples Pleasure Party