Liebster Award


Well this award could not have come at a better time. It’s been a long time since I wrote anything about myself that didn’t involve my baby or my family, so this is refreshing. Thanks for the award Charlotte!

Here are the questions she asked me:

1) If you could lay down your roots anywhere, where would you go and why? That is a tough one, as I haven’t traveled enough places to have a solid opinion. Of places I’ve never been, Ireland sure seems appealing! 😉 I love our home, but I think California is way too crowded, and I wouldn’t mind living somewhere with more nature. Of the places I’ve been, I think I’d be happiest back home in Oregon. Probably not in my small hometown, but maybe in the Portland area. I want to live somewhere with seasons. Our summers here are way too hot. I would also love to be closer to my family, and closer to the ocean. Match is also his most relaxed and happiest when we visit Oregon, which makes me relaxed and happy.  


2) What’s your favorite book of all time? Ack, I can’t pick a favorite book. I love books so much (I have another blog dedicated to my bookwormness for crying out loud), and each one is so different from the next. I would say that the Hunger Games series ranks pretty high on the list, along with Harry Potter and the Twilight series. Then there are the classics, like The Giver, and Pride and Prejudice. I just can’t choose. Know that I’m a total bookworm, who loves curling up with a good story.


3) What is your happiest childhood memory? I can’t really pinpoint one single happiest moment as a child, but rather lots of moments smashed together. I think I was happiest playing on our quasi farm with our many different animals. We raised a lamb at one point, as well as chickens, turkeys, rabbits, pigs, dogs, cats, and pygmy goats. I was in 4-H with my goats, and made all kinds of friends through that program. I loved having that opportunity and living in the country. It’s an experience I would love to be able to give Piglet someday.  PS I realize this picture is of a slightly bored looking teenage me, but my family was absolute crap at taking pictures when I was younger, and this one best represents the farm, minus the bored look. 😉 Oh, and how cute are my goats? I mean, really!

tes wed. pics7

4) Tell me about a tradition that’s been passed down to you, or one you’d like to have with your family one day? I wish my family was one of traditions. We have never been that type of family, and coming from a divorced home, where each year holidays were spent at different places, it’s hard to have a tradition that we’d do every holiday. We did have a family tradition of sitting around the table for meals, and that’s something I have started with our family. There is something so nice about the family meal, and having a chance to check in at the end of a busy day. With Match’s schedule, that meal may not always be dinner, but even breakfast or lunch can be the sit down meal of the day. Another tradition we’ve started as a couple and now family has been to go to the Christmas tree farm every year. I hope to continue that as long as we can!

5) You’re on a deserted island with a boombox, an infinite supply of batteries, and three CDs. Which ones do you choose? Oy. My taste in music changes as much as my taste in books. I’m going to have a weak sauce answer here and say that at least one CD would be a mix. 😉 I love classical music, so I’d have all the greats, Mozart, Bach, Beethovan. Then I’d have one of oldies, Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald and the Brat Pack. I’d throw in one with pop music, though I’d probably regret it later!

6) What’s your beauty secret? No makeup. Seriously, every time I put on makeup, I feel like I look ridiculous, because I have no idea how to wear it. Plus, I always break out. If I don’t wear it, my skin usually looks a whole lot better. Though I wish there was a way to hide the bags under my eyes without it!

7) Do you have an achievement you are most proud of, and why? Does having my baby count? Ha! I feel like he is my greatest achievement, after so much struggling to bring him into this world. Outside of that, I’m going to say the fact that I can do 25 pushups, and I can do a pull up from a dead hang. I’m proud of this because it wasn’t so long ago that my body wouldn’t do anything that I wanted it to, and I’m proud to have my strength back. I’ve worked really hard to get to this place.


8) Who is your hero? My mom. She has overcome so much in her life, has struggled with mental health issues, and survived an abusive childhood.  She is absolutely the strongest person I know. She dealt with my dad’s drug and alcohol addiction, subsequent divorce, and was a single parent before she met my Pops. She is crazy strong, brave, loving, and raised me to be a strong, independent woman. I am grateful for her every day. We may not always get along, but I love and respect the heck out of that woman. She really is amazing! CIMG3025

9) What is your favorite vacation destination? Again, I haven’t traveled enough to have an opinion on this one. I guess I would say Oregon, and visiting my family. But hopefully one day I can say something a little more exotic. I have my eye on New Zealand. 😉 

10) Tell me your worst date story! Oh there are so many! Just look through my archives, ha! I’d have to say it was the French Guy I went on a date with. In a single night, he managed to insult me, my education, and my country, all before dessert. What a winner! 

11) What inspired you to start blogging? See answer to #10. Ha! My crazy dating stories were what inspired this whole blog, hence the title. It has grown so far away from what it once was. I love looking back at old posts, because it reminds me just how far I have come. It has been 6 years since I started this blog, wow! 6 years! I am so happy I’ve stuck with it, and have made such amazing friends along the way. I love you, sweet readers. Thanks for sticking by me! 

I’m supposed to tag people, and ask questions, but I’m being incredibly lazy and not doing that. If you want to answer Charlotte’s questions, I’d love to read your answers!