Happy Birthday Dada


Tuesday was Match’s birthday, and Piglet was so excited! We made him a birthday card, wrapped up his present, and sang him happy birthday. I have to share this video with you of him begging Daddy to open his gift.

Of course he wouldn’t sing Happy Birthday for the camera, but he was belting it out loudly before I started recording. I bought Match a set of coveralls for his new job as a carman. He wasn’t a huge fan of the color, so we exchanged it for the black. I have to say, they’re pretty adorable on him! I just hope he doesn’t get his tushy grabbed too much while he’s trying to work. 😉

DSC_0732 (2)DSC_0734 (2)

We took Match to “Man Disneyland”, better known as Cabella’s. He wandered the store while Piglet and I checked out the super cool fish tank, animal exhibit and played a few games.


After Cabella’s, we took Match to dinner at a local burger joint. Piglet had fun waving at everyone who walked by, and even saw a friend from his preschool. We had a nice mellow birthday, and I think it was just what he wanted.

Match is Officially in His Late Twenties

Monica: So anyway, I’m cooking dinner for him Monday night. You know, kind of like an audition. And Phoebe, he really wants you to be here, which will be great for me because then you can ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh’ and make yummy noises.

Rachel: What are you going to make?

Phoebe: (as though Rachel wasn’t paying attention) Yummy noises. –Friends

Thanks everyone for your birthday gift suggestions. Some of them will have to be rain checks since Match’s schedule is so busy, but I definitely think I will end up doing them, like taking Match camping and going to the zoo.

I ended up going with the beer and scratchers idea I originally had, but I added a little personal touch to it.

I made these little cards to put the scratchers in, and then put them all over the house for Match to find. This one of Match rocking one of his ties is my favorite.

It was so cute to see Match’s face as he found each of the cards throughout the house. He was also thrilled when he saw a case of his favorite beer on the dining room table.

One of the cards had a coupon on it that cracked Match up.

I spent the morning baking and the afternoon cooking up a storm. I was really nervous about making the green chile because it is Match’s dad’s specialty, and also Match’s favorite meal. I didn’t want to screw it up. Match’s dad had emailed me the recipe along with his mom’s cheesecake recipe. The way M’s Dad wrote out the recipe cracked me up. It said things like, “use some wedding gift to cut the onion” and “if you use pork shoulder with the bone, make sure you give the bone to the dog”. That guy cracks me up!

With FIL’s helpful directions, the green chile turned out perfect. Match didn’t even speak during dinner, he was too busy shoveling the stew into his mouth and making yummy noises. 🙂

Then we had dessert. I was so nervous because of all the recipes I’d read online and people complaining about how cheesecakes are hard to make and they can fall. MIL’s recipe did not disappoint and my cake did not fall. Her recipe called for a store bought graham cracker crust but I decided to make my own. It wasn’t as pretty as the ones you buy in the store but it tasted so so good.

I feel the need to box up the rest of this cake and send it to some of you because I’m afraid I may eat the rest today while working from home. It was that good. Even though we were stuffed, we had two pieces each and I almost wanted thirds. Yu-hummmmmm. After dessert we snuggled up on the couch and watched reruns of How I Met Your Mother and relaxed. Match said it was a great birthday and just what he wanted. I’m excited for laser tag this weekend and for seeing his parents later this month, but I’m grateful that we got to have a simple celebration at home, just the two of us.

Match’s Birthday is Thursday

How’s not playing laser tag? Because playing laser tag is awesome! -Barney, How I Met Your Mother

Match’s birthday is this Thursday and I still have no idea what to get him. Yes, I bought him the new Playstation3 but only because ours died. I still would like to get him something he can open on his birthday. Nothing too expensive, since we’re trying to save and since the PS3 was spendy, but just a little token of appreciation for all he’s done and been through this year. I am so proud of him for how well he has been handling the stress of academy.

I could get him something random, like a silver eagle coin that will eventually be worth a lot of money, but he’s not much of a collector. He’s mentioned wanting a punching bag, but that’s a little too expensive right now. Maybe I will just get him a couple of scratchers and a 6 pack of his favorite beer. He’s really tough to buy for because he’s a bit of a minimalist.

This Saturday we’re getting together with a bunch of the recruits for laser tag and drinks. It’s going to be legendary! 🙂 I’m also planning on making him his favorite meal, Green Chili, from scratch and following his father’s recipe. Eek! I am also going to attempt to bake my first cheesecake from scratch. These will both be a labor of love and we will see how they turn out. Wish me luck! And if you have any suggestions for a small gift that I could get Match, I’d love to hear it!