Talk to Us Tuesday-The One Where Match Passes Out

[As a joke on Kevin, Ed and Eddy announce a booster shot for the school. Upon hearing this and seeing some of Eddy’s mind games, Kevin collapses]
Nazz [to Kevin]: Dude, are you okay? –Ed, Edd, ‘n Eddy

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This past Wednesday I was doing my usual thing: puttering around the house, doing some laundry, blogging, tidying up the house, when Match called. He had been at a conference for work, so I assumed he was calling during the lunch break.

DG: “Hey sweetie what’s up?”

Match: “I’m in an ambulance. I’m on my way to the hospital right now.”

DG: blood running cold. “What happened? Oh my god are you okay?”

Match: “Yeah, I’m fine I guess I just passed out. They’re taking me to the hospital to run some tests. Don’t worry, I’m sure it’s fine.”

Yeah right don’t worry. Was he kidding? He insisted that I didn’t need to drive to the hospital to meet him, and that he would call me back when he knew more. I immediately got dressed and headed out the door, trying my best not to overreact. I called his coworker, who told me that they had been sitting in a lecture, and then were walking to lunch when Match said he felt like he was going to pass out, and the next thing he knew, he was on the ground. He tried to sound reassuring but I was pretty shook up.

I called my Pops who talked me down and said not to think the worst. He said he probably just had low blood sugar and that it wasn’t a big deal. I called Match again and told him I was on my way to the hospital. He insisted that I don’t drive all the way there (40 minutes) and that there was no reason to worry. So instead I ran errands, rather than sitting at home pacing. I tried to keep busy but I kept checking my phone every few minutes.

What felt like hours later he called me back to let me know that he was going back to work, and that his vitals were fine. He had low blood pressure, and a low heart rate, but they said this was because he is in excellent shape. They were as stumped as he was by what had happened.

When Match got home that night I grabbed him in a bear hug and cried into his chest for a good five minutes. I was so relieved that he was okay, but I was worried too. What the heck would cause an extremely healthy 28 year old, whose blood sugar turned out to be fine, to just randomly pass out? He told me more details after I’d calmed down. He said when he woke up he had no idea where he was, and he didn’t recognize any of his coworkers. He was a little freaked out too, and he agreed that we should follow up with his regular doctor.

He went in for tests on Friday, and the results were that he is as healthy as a professional marathon runner. While it’s great news, it’s frustrating to not know the cause of the fainting, and his dizziness and headaches. He’s getting a cat scan done, mostly to appease me because I worry. Hopefully it was all just a freak experience. I’m just so relieved it didn’t happen while he was working in the jail. Can you imagine? I’m so grateful he wasn’t there where he could have banged his head on the deputy roll top desks or worse…in a cell alone with an inmate. The idea sends a chill up my spine.

Now that we know he’s probably just fine, we can laugh about it. I teased him that he’s having hysterical pregnancy symptoms and trying to steal my limelight. 😉

Preparing to Be a LEO Wife

My husband Joe, he was a cop. He gave me a taser gun once for our anniversary. -Earnes, Law & Order

Last night Match and I decided to venture out of our comfortable Vietnamese place for date night and went exploring different places for happy hour. I looked up places on my blackberry bold and we ended up deciding on the Elephant Bar. It was the perfect place for cheap drinks and appetizers and lots of people watching. I offered to be DD so Match could unwind from his long week. Things have gotten more stressful in the academy since they are down to 7 WEEKS! I’m starting to get really nervous/excited for what is in store for us. Over dinner I confessed some of my fears to Match, and told him about this website I found. Here’s a little excerpt from a law enforcement wife blissinprogress. Warning: This post made me cry.

Being a LEO wife means putting your husband first, not out of a sense of duty or out of submission or control, but out of love and respect for all he faces each time he walks out the door. You will learn to understand that being frustrated is normal, but being resentful and angry is not an option. Things that are a huge deal to most wives such as holiday traditions, the perfect birthday party, the family photo shoot scheduled for weeks, a date night you spent a month looking forward to, the biggest football game of your son’s high school senior year, your baby’s first ballet recital….all of those things to a LEO wife are considered just something else she may end up dealing with alone. Frustrating? Absolutely. Disappointing? Always. Worth sending your LEO out into danger knowing you are furious with him? Never. A LEO wife will learn to hold her tongue, tell him she loves him, kiss him goodbye, and say a prayer that he comes home so she can yell at him later. We are human, we still want what we want, but we learn to see the bigger picture.

The thing is, when I met Match, I didn’t know what I was signing up for. This is all so new for both of us. I know we will have some tough times ahead, and I know there will be moments where our patience is pushed to the limit. I expressed some of these worries to Geeky, and she said said that it will seem really tough in the beginning, but soon enough it will feel like second nature. She said that I’m a strong woman and if anyone can handle this it’s me. It was a very sweet reminder. Match agreed and said that he knows we’re going to be just fine. Match and I have dealt with stressful times, we have dealt with the graveyard shift, with multiple jobs, with the ups and downs of life and we can do this. I am so grateful for this blog as my outlet, for those times I will want to whine to Match about my day, when in reality his will have been far far worse than my very worst day. I’m grateful for my friends here in the blogosphere and my new recruit wife friends. I have a feeling in the next few months I will really need to lean on you all.